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Democrats’ Agenda: Make Up “Rights” That Don’t Exist, Take Away Those That Do

Two decisions were just handed down from the US Supreme Court this week and both have left the Left unhinged.

Of course, it’s hard to tell these days. They live in that state and they try to force the rest of us to live in it with them.

For almost fifty years, the Left has worked and progressively succeeded in equating abortion with Liberty. They have now been exposed for their steady attempts to destroy the Liberties actually guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights. That’s no accident.

In one of the greatest political bait-and-switches since they successfully projected their ugly, racist past onto Republicans, they have used the language of Liberty to describe the termination of a pregnancy: “It’s a personal, private decision between a ‘birthing person’ and its doctor,” It’s none of the government’s business,” and the ever-popular, “my body, my choice.”

As their minions willingly give up every right they have and dutifully partner with the government to bully their fellow citizens into doing as they’re told, they continue to believe that abortion is synonymous with freedom.

Consequently, the act of affirming life in general and life in the womb is a spectacular triumph of political defiance against the credible evidence we see of a movement to “de-populate” the earth (translation: genocide and forced sterility)

No wonder pro-abortionists are so furious. Their ideology to elevate death and depravity has been temporarily defeated.

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Despite the threats of violence we have come to expect from a certain group of adult children when they don’t get their way, let’s savor and celebrate this double-barreled victory.

We’ll get back at it tomorrow.

By Karen Kataline

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host, and is a good friend of The Blue State Conservative. She holds a master’s degree from Columbia University and is a sought-after guest on talk shows around the country. Kataline’s style has been described as “funny, feisty, but fair.” She hosts Spouting Off, a live, call-in talk show covering politics, pop culture, and social psychology. She maintains an active blog and her Op-Eds can be seen online at Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily, Western Journal, Town Hall, The Daily Caller, FrontPage Mag, and American Thinker.

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