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Taxes, Government Overreach, and Freedom: Democrats’ Insistence On Ignoring History Is Folly

Nullification is creeping from the background into a major question in our country.

A history of government begins with a hunter who was exhausted at sunrise on the African plain. He was still guarding his kill from the previous day.  It was a necessary function as hyenas both four and two-legged would try to steal a free meal.

His friend was a short distance away engaged in the same task.  The idea of government began that morning as a way to get some sleep after a successful hunt.  Soon the biggest thug in the area mentioned that he would guard their kills all night for a piece of meat.  Thus began the extortionate form of government under which we suffer today, thousands of years later.  Government has two sources of power, guns and your money.  Dividing what percent of the carcass you are allowed to retain after the nobility is provided for allows the illusion of democracy.

Fortunately, the Federal structure is not unassailable.  We have been reminded of that fact by His Honor, Justice Clarence Thomas.  The 10th Amendment is quite specific but has been gutted since FDR.  We now have a precedent to reverse the flow of power from DC towards of the states.

We have evolved into a nation of tax producers and tax consumers.  The producers are self-explanatory.  The consumers are not only the people that receive welfare but also the two other groups fighting for a position on the welfare teat.  They are the government employees that administer the funds taken from your purse and the politically powerful industries that pay congressmen for the right to pillage your life as well.  This plundering has emptied your purse already and the only way to continuance of the system is to indenture your grandchildren’s future.  As of now, there is no constitutionally-based defense from this tyranny and no way out other than government dissolution.

The constitution was designed to protect individual and state freedoms and independence. Justice Thomas has struck the first counterpunch in 90 years to the amoebic leviathan that has swallowed our country. As always the subversion began slowly and gradually it enveloped our lives.

Our government began with little money or power, but by the 1820s things had begun to change.  Laws on tariffs began to bite because money had to be found to feed the ‘crats and the inefficient Yankee tinkerers.  Taxes have one thing in common.  They are designed to follow the money.  The South was the largest source of wealth in the form of cotton.  Taxing it by 30% to 60% was critical.  Manufactured goods from England were also taxed to politically support the itinerant tinkers in Yankee land.

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John C. Calhoun and Andrew Jackson were on opposite sides of the issue.  Calhoun wished to ignore or “Nullify” laws that were objectionable to his home state of South Carolina and other like-minded states.  Calhoun was Jackson’s VP and tensions were high.  Unilaterally deciding which laws to follow in a state would weaken the Federal structure very quickly.  Jackson told Calhoun that if the Nullifiers did not shut up he would personally lead an army to South Carolina and hang everyone concerned.  No one ever crossed Jackson without regretting it.  That ended the Nullification Crisis. The unequal tax reason for the schism was not addressed until 1860 much to the detriment of all concerned.

Today we have a similar situation in the immigration invasion.  There are over 600 cities and counties that are illegal alien sanctuaries.  The Federal laws concerning immigration are not being enforced which is nullification.  The executive branch under Trump, Biden, and Obama either declined to do so or was ignored by the locale.  The theoretical options left for the Feds are military or cutting off federal funds for the area.  The courts have ruled that reducing Federal grants from tax money is illegal. In theory that indicates any Federal law can be ignored by a local entity with no retribution if they can afford it.

That brings to mind the rulings last week from the Supreme Court.  One concerns the local handgun restrictions and the other is the abortion issue.  Both of these issues are part of the fabric of the individuals’ moral belief system.  There is no grey area for compromise left.  The old “I’ll only put it part way in” negotiation ploy will not cut it any longer. (ouch)!

Which laws could be nullified by conservatives?  There are many options but the tax code is the quickest route to the heart of the matter.  When citizens ignore the tax laws the system immediately collapses.  The ruling classes’ financial system of the Fed is hanging by a thread any tax deviation would be catastrophic.

Global warming plans for dictatorship, flu scams, and the Russian petro-ruble are already putting strains on our social structure that will increase, and the “go along get along” “leave me alone” crowd will have to come off of the bench to survive.  This in itself will be a major societal development. With a country already torn apart by voter fraud, illegals, gun control, and abortion, these three other issues present a stark wall to be addressed for the long-term viability of our government structure.

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