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Once We Understand Reactions To Roe V Wade Decision, We Realize The Left Doesn’t Understand Anything

The mega-phone-powered temper fits (aka ‘peaceful protests’) featured on the MSM Propaganda shows in reaction to the SCOTUS Roe V. Wade ruling were fully anticipated, thanks to the foreplay of neighborhood demonstrations and dry heaves of liberals and their special groups reacting to the infamous Leaked Memo. (Sidebar: 2 months into the ‘investigation’, the investigating bodies conducting said investigation have yet to produce a suspect. Things that make you go hmmm).

But I digress…

Reasonable people who didn’t nod off in “US Government” class were likely more relieved than surprised at the decision. And even if some eyebrows were raised, any reading of the Majority decision brought into focus, not only the flaccid basis for the 1973 legal debacle, but the solid Constitutional footing of the Majority, the importance of originalism, and the foresight of the 10th Amendment. An avalanche of articles parsing, dissecting, discussing, and cussing the legal reasoning written by Justice Alito will one day fill a super-sized volume of opinions and reviews of this landmark decision.

However, it is doubtful in this scribbler’s unvarnished opinion that the legal mumbo jumbo, Latin clichés like stare decisis, and squid pro quo won’t hold a candle to the real down-to-earth reason for the Left’s seismic reaction. Simply put, the SCOTUS decision impaled the liberal child-bearing age female’s addiction to Instant Gratification. There can be no other pragmatic explanation.

The howling banshees breaking Federal law, marching mit Sturm und Drang passed the suburban homes of conservative justices for the express purpose of intimidating their decision still have no more comprehension of the efficacious application of the 10th Amendment than they had reason to believe they would be pregnant any time soon. It’s been tradition spanning 50 years that women most likely to be caterwauling about ‘abortion rights’ are least likely to be coupled with a fertile male who finds them sexually irresistible. (Proof available on request or simply review current news footage of who is yelling the loudest.)

The simple fact – dutifully obfuscated by a biased media – is, contrary to blazing headlines and TV anchors with hair on fire – abortion is legal and attainable in America – just not all of America. Despite that plain and simple truth, the howling, blouse-renting, silly sign-toting, childish chanting hysteria continues – why? Want an abortion? Go get one. Abortion remains legal in 35 states. If you don’t live in one of them and your new Stork Stick just turned “BINGO!”, simply mosey on over to one of the abortion-friendly states (link above) to have your decision accommodated.

And that there is the real real problem! Be assured: the Young and Fertile who “depend on abortion for birth control” or “see abortion as a woman’s health issue”, couldn’t care less about the Court’s application of the law, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, stare decisis, enumerated powers or any of that pointy-headed legal stuff. It gets in the way of the childish, foot-stomping, “I-want-what-I-want-when-I-want-it dictum: ‘I was lovingly indulged as a child and therefore have the inalienable right to the same treatment in perpetuity!’ (except ‘perpetuity’ is not likely to be loitering in their vocabulary).

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In the younger demos, Instant Gratification always trumps Personal Responsivity. Child-bearing age women, incapable of throwing a Get-Acquainted Party for their thighs, can’t possibly accept (or comprehend) the more sophisticated option of securing inexpensive birth control products. Would installing condom vending machines in the Ladies’ Room help? Discretion would be reduced to having correct change.

The complete abolition of abortion in all 57 (intentional) United States might have been sufficient to understand the plaintiff wails resounding in select (usually large metro) areas. But that’s not the case. As noted, 35 states still welcome abortion seekers with open clinics. Take a few personal days and travel to Abortionville; your employer may even pick up the tab! Along the way, you might contemplate the simple things you could have done to make the trip unnecessary. Think of it as an investment in your future while you’re terminating any future for your unborn.

By Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is a nationally ignored talk show host and occasional un-indicted co-contributor. He recently released his fourth book, “50 Stories; 50 Years in Radio”, now busily scribbling an unlikely screenplay for Book #3. With his spare hour, he is focused on splitting the atom and pursuing the ever-elusive Whirled Peas, all from his technically challenged studios on the formerly pristine shores of the Great Unnamed Lake, allegedly in the Southeast. Brian is also a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.

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