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Not Funny? Unhinged Alec Baldwin’s Anger Issues On Display, Goes After Critic For Harmless Jab

There was a time, long ago, when actor Alec Baldwin was actually entertaining. His performance as a main character in the classic 1988 comedy Beetlejuice was solid, though Michael Keaton stole the show in that film. And Baldwin was adequate in the movies Hunt for Red October in 1990 and Glengarry Glen Ross in 1992. He was even decent in the terrific drama The Departed in 2006. Indeed, Baldwin had been blessed with good looks and enough talent to make himself a wealthy man with a robust career.

But as we’ve seen with so many actors – consider Robert DeNiro, Susan Sarandon, and Sean Penn as examples – Baldwin’s onscreen success inexplicably caused him to conclude that because people watch his movies and TV shows, he therefore possessed the credibility to lecture everyone about which political stances we should take. Baldwin was wrong; dead wrong, one might say.

Resultingly, like so much of American life, Baldwin’s appeal has become divided largely along political lines. For leftists who seek constant validation by Hollywood and music industry celebrities, they apparently adore Baldwin, finding his pathetic Saturday Night Live impressions side-splittingly funny and his attempts at serious acting profound. For those of us on the right, however, Alec Baldwin himself is the punchline. We don’t laugh with Baldwin, we laugh at him.

Two of Baldwin’s personality traits have become particularly laughable. The first is his complete lack of self-awareness. As Hollywood has profited for decades from its glorification of gun violence, clowns like Baldwin have simultaneously felt the need to preach about the evils of gun rights. Therefore, once we got beyond the truly tragic aspects of his on-set gun mishap last year, in which one person died and another was injured, all we could do was shake our heads and snicker at Baldwin’s utter hypocrisy.

Baldwin’s other characteristic that makes us chuckle is his obvious anger management issues combined with his duplicitous leftwing talking points. As part of the radical left, buffoons like Baldwin will go on about women’s rights and how we’re all supposed to love each other, even though his own history of violence is well-documented. Baldwin has assaulted multiple photographers, got so belligerent with a flight attendant that he was kicked off a plane, and became so combative with his own, pre-adolescent daughter that he called her a “thoughtless little pig.”

With the ongoing nonsensical January 6th Committee, however, both of Baldwin’s extensive character flaws were exposed once again. Consider this exchange between Baldwin and another Twitter user:

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Let’s forget about the absurdity of Baldwin’s question “What more do you need?” To which the obvious answer is, “Oh, I don’t know, how about testimony from someone who was actually there, dumbass?” And let’s examine Baldwin’s promise to “come find you.” We can safely assume Baldwin is sincere because he makes the threat not once, but twice. Really, Alec? You’re going to “find” Mr. Williams? Hmm.

Whether Baldwin is eventually found guilty of any wrongdoing in that gun episode in December is irrelevant. People are allowed to poke fun at us, particularly on Twitter, and particularly when such shots are directed at loudmouth hypocrites like Baldwin.

One might have assumed that after repeated embarrassments and unfortunate glimpses into his troubled personal life, Baldwin might have toned things down. Perhaps he’d spent some time with a Hollywood shrink to subdue all that rage. But such an assumption would have been incorrect, obviously. The only questions now are, how long before Baldwin snaps again, and what exactly will he do to Mike Williams to make him apologize if does indeed find him?

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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