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What Is The Real Reason There Were No Fireworks Above Mt. Rushmore This Year?

Many of us remember the magnificence of the 2020 fireworks display and the grandeur of the ceremony surrounding it.  What made it so memorable are many factors.

America was thriving economically.  Average household incomes were up $5000, and the low unemployment rates were unprecedented.  Even in the African American community, prosperity was more attainable than ever before.

And the world was safe. No wars had broken out under Trump’s rule, and, in fact, historic peace accords in the Middle East were being drawn up…something that seemed nigh impossible under prior Presidents.

And we were energy independent.  People could go where they wanted, when they wanted, without having to give much thought to gas prices which were quite low.  When temperatures in my town reached above 90 degrees, I would pop up for the day to the High Sierra, and go to a campground at 9000 ft. elevation where I would enjoy reading, picnicking, and walking my dog in temperatures that were quite pleasant.  This is what I resent most about living under the regime of climate zealots.

And inflation was not an issue in the Trump era.  Today, I asked my mother what I should do with turnips from the organic farm subscription box of veggies I pick up weekly out of fear that there will be food shortages soon.  She suggested beef stew. I told her that that would require a $20 beef purchase:   a $6 bag of potatoes, or $2 per Russet potato if I buy them one at a time: a $2.50 bag of carrots: A $1.50 onion: A $1 head of garlic: another $4 for the dumpling mix, if I do not have it on hand: plus $5 for mushrooms, if I want to make it the way I used to. Maybe I should just throw out the turnips.

The amazing prosperity, peace, and freedom we experienced under Trump are the real reasons there will be no fireworks at Mt. Rushmore this year.  Governor Kristi Noem’s successes in South Dakota are a secondary factor. If there were fireworks this year, Trump might make it into a rally event with a million or more Trump supporters making their way to South Dakota despite the highest ever gas prices.  The Biden Administration does not want us to enjoy the symbol of American freedom that is the Mt. Rushmore fireworks display.  They do not want us to experience the rapture of remembering how good life in America was under Trump.

True, many Democrats were outraged by Trump’s successes, and they fixated on his communication shortcomings, i.e. his Tweets.  They thought he was unworthy of the office because he was not as polite as former Presidents. I could not enjoy a hike without listening to the Trump bashing of my Democrat friends.  I would drop back about 30 feet to avoid having to listen to their drivel, and bask in the glory and the wonder of the Sierra Nevada wildflowers.

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The media was apoplectic that Trump had figured out a way to bypass them, delivering his message directly to his followers, over 80 million of them.  If you think about it, many seniors do not use computers and cell phones.  My mother is one of these.  So the actual number of his followers is well above 80 million. She turns 95 in August, and his hoping to live to vote in the November Midterm election.

In the summer of 2020, the Democrats had begun their efforts to “defund the police,” thereby promoting the chaos that reigned in the summer.  Why was such lawlessness allowed?  The Democrats thought it made Trump look bad.  That is the real reason.  Social justice is just the facade. We are smarter than that. We know Trump’s policies did not foster these riots and looting.  The Democrats’ insane idea that not supporting policing in our country will lead to social justice is what lead to this unrest and to so many deaths and business closures.  I say DEFEND the POLICE BECAUSE BLACK LIVES SMATTER!

So enjoy your fourth of July without fireworks.  Try not to think about how much you are spending on food.  Try not to feel resentful about how much it takes to fill your tank.  You are saving the planet, so the pain is worthwhile, right?  What will save the planet is voting out the Democrats and RINOs who are making the land of the free a distant memory.  The real fireworks will take place this November!

By Jennifer Mitchell Towner

Jennifer Mitchell Towner worked in the computer industry from 1979 to 1998. Under a program called Encorps, she became a high school math, French, and Consumer Finance teacher in 2009, retiring in 2019. She holds two BAs from U.C. Berkeley in Math and French and an MBA from Stanford University. The books she published in 2021, Good Boots and Kipper the Nipper are on Amazon.

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Featured photo courtesy of The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons