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“The Arrival of The Petro Ruble Is Upon Us” And What It Means For You

The arrival of the petro ruble is upon us.  Its’ arrival is a testament to the corruption of our democrat/socialist party.  Mr. Biden does not know what he is signing or saying.  This weakness is readily observed by our enemies and friends alike.  We have suffered this situation before under this party.  Woody Wilsons’ wife Edith ran things from 1919-1920.  Frank Roosevelt’s in-house socialist friends ran things in 1944-45.  Major mistakes were and are being made and we will suffer the consequences as we have in the past.

The critical situation today is that the BRICs are going to add Argentina and Iran to their alliance.  It also appears that Saudi Arabia is applying as well.  This is a very interesting new alignment for world affairs.  There are several possible outcomes if the US financial and military rule is really fading into a pile of cosmic debris.  Three generations have labored for this US-dominated system.  It is hanging by a thread when the simpletons are playing with scissors.  If changes do occur they will be monumental.

Our WEF brethren have been shown to be lacking in both intelligence and imagination.  Another possibility is that they are again playing both sides of the equation to be assured of a seat at the table when the smoke clears.  This is their usual plan.  It began in the US under Presidents Lincoln, Wilson, and F. Roosevelt. They supported the Bolsheviks and Nazis during the world wars as well as the democracies.  The WEF could easily be playing both sides of the street again.  The US government clerks are totally out of their depth as this situation begins to coalesce.

The new BRIC alliance has several members with differing styles of government which will create an unwieldy design. For now, however, they have covered the bases well at the first pitch which is free money for everybody.  The members can all put a number of cards on the table.  Argentina, Brazil, and Russia all can export a significant amount of food to China, India, and Iran.  Saudi, Russia, and Iran can handle all the fuel requirements for the alliance.  China can manufacture widgets and South Africa can mine gold and many minerals.  By using the petro-ruble or its’ new equivalent, the US dollar is no longer the currency of the world. This is the largest political and economic earthquake since the Portuguese rounded the Cape of Good Hope. It will require a new set of policies and plans for our survival which of course the DC regime has not the intellect to create.

This will at the very least cause a major shakeup in the world political situation. The entire world system orbited London for all functions such as shipping insurance and debt guarantees.  It will need to be recreated.  The SWIFT system is already finished and is currently being replaced in Moscow.

The US can easily survive as we can produce anything but it will require a major reorganization governmentally, financially, and commercially.  Europe will sink into oblivion with their primitive invaders, green energy horrors, and white tribal jealousies pulling them to oblivion.  Russia will have an easy walk to the head of the podium without firing a shot. I remarked on a recent sheet that the EU was finished but did not realize it would be so soon.

The new BRIC organization is a brilliant plan to throw off the dominance of the globe by the US.  There are however several fissures that can easily be exploited such as 1. Brazil and Argentina have a rivalry and a history of financial difficulties.  2. Iran and Saudi are blood and religious enemies.  3. China and India have troops on their border. 4. China is very jealous of anyone in its’ spotlight.  China also has a great deal of internal difficulty with resources and tends to have a larger appetite than can be accommodated regionally.

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The best option for us is to close the borders to aliens and imported manufacturers.  We are able to be totally self-sufficient.  The rest of the world can sort out their own problems.  It will probably be for the better for all concerned.  The corporate ‘crats have forgotten that GM was the largest car manufacturer in the world.  US Steel dominated. Our oil industry still does.  The union brass needs to realize that they should shut up and not try to pad their own pockets.  This would continue to feed our own markets with customers ala Henry Ford.  There are few slave laborers that can afford an iPhone.

Sadly, we are ruled by a senile president that has his strings pulled by a failed previous socialist president that lives down the street.  Their supporters are the purple-haired screaming cows that do not show enough intellect to rotate their own slop buckets.  We need on this Fourth of July to remember Bunker Hill when our ancestors stood before the most powerful army in the world.  This situation is chump change in comparison!

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