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The Fruits Of Socialism? London Bridge May Not Be Falling Down, But The Eiffel Tower Is

Have you been meaning to plan a trip to Paris? Have you dreamed of having a croissant and some tea on the Left Bank, visiting the Louvre, and checking out the Mona Lisa? Have you thought about stopping by to see how those repairs to the Cathedral of Notre Dame are coming along? Well, if you’re intent on also admiring the Eiffel Tower you had better book that trip soon. And when you’re there, maybe you can suggest that some of those repair crews at the Notre Dame pack their tools and head west on the Rue de Babylone so they can start repairing the Eiffel Tower.

There are many similarities between America’s Statue of Liberty and France’s Eiffel Tower. They were both crafted by French hands. Construction on both was completed within three years of each other: In 1886 for Lady Liberty and 1889 for the Eiffel Tower. They are both towering structures that dominate their immediate skylines. And, of course, they are two of the most recognizable manmade landmarks in the world.

But there is one major difference between the two. While the Statue of Liberty has been well-maintained, including a complete overhaul in the 1980s, the Eiffel Tower is apparently crumbling as a result of years of French neglect.

According to CNN Travel:

“The Eiffel Tower is riddled with rust and in need of full repairs, but instead it is being given a cosmetic 60 million euro paint job ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, according to confidential reports cited by French magazine Marianne.

‘It is simple, if Gustave Eiffel visited the place he would have a heart attack,’ one unnamed manager at the tower told Marianne.

The tower is currently undergoing a repaint costing 60 million euros in preparation of the 2024 Olympics, the 20th time the Tower has been repainted. Some 30% of the tower was supposed to have been stripped and then have two new coats applied but delays to the work caused by the COVID pandemic and the presence of lead in the old paint means only 5% will be treated.”

The Eiffel Tower is owned and managed by the government entity known as “The Council of Paris,” and as is the case with most government-run operations, its effectiveness has obviously been lacking. Additionally, the Eiffel Tower resides in a mostly-socialist country with skyrocketing national debt and a plunging economy. Sound familiar?

The problem with the philosophy and execution of socialism is that eventually the government/citizens run out of other people’s money. Politicians promise governmental solutions to the most insignificant challenges. Class warfare is waged, demonizing anyone who makes more money than the mob deems necessary. Outrageous tax rates are implemented forcing the productive and wealthy to flee. And before long, revenues are drying up while the indolent masses keep their mouths open wide, yearning to feed at the government teat.

Eventually, compromises must be made and priorities must be established. Do we take funding for this infrastructure program to continue with our favorite government handout? Do we cut back on military spending in order to keep our promises to the supporters in that special interest group? And do we sacrifice the stability and safety of our greatest national landmark, or should we try to take cash away from another pork-barrel project?

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The nation of France has a GDP similar to that of the State of California, which means France will probably be able to find the money to fix up the Eiffel Tower at some point. Unfortunately, France also has a similar tax-and-spend approach to government as California, which means that eventually, crises, like they’re seeing with their rusty old tower, will become increasingly more common.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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