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Swing And A Miss: Peggy Noonan Blows It Again, Thanks Christine Blasey Ford’s Twin – Cassidy Hutchinson

Peggy Noonan, who is Liz Cheney’s alter ego writing for Wall Street Journal, wrote an opinion piece dedicated to “The Courage of Jan. 6 Witness Cassidy Hutchinson:”

“Only a woman would have done what Cassidy Hutchinson did because only a woman, in a place of such power and prestige, would have registered everything and taken such close notes instead of spending that time swanning around being important.”

Let’s give Peggy some props: at least she knows what a woman is.  Other than that, she has not met a slanderer she did not like because it takes one to name one “courageous.”  By the time Ms. Noonan wrote her piece, two things were already known: Cassidy Hutchinson’s position of “power and prestige” was highly overstated, and any “close notes” she supposedly took were taken by somebody else.  In other words, Ms. Hutchinson, quite likely, perjured herself – but according to Peggy Noonan, all is fair in love and destroying Donald Trump.

“Here she was, all by herself, 26 years old, in front of the whole country.”

You may remember that some powerful men lost their jobs and social media privileges for even implying that women are emotional and vulnerable beings.  Yet, whenever the media needs “a credible witness,” the only thing they invariably rely on is a damsel in distress shaking like Nancy Pelosi’s teeth with tears streaming down her eyes for no apparent reason.

We saw it happen so many times.  Christine Blasé Ford, Amber Herd, Stormy Daniels – all followed the same predictable script.  Masterfully choreographed, Oscar-worthy allegation had no rhyme or reason and was very easily disputed.  But the minute the performance ended the media verdict was in: “highly credible testimony!”

“I found her testimony to the Jan. 6 committee entirely credible. If she lied I see no motive.”

Every accusation was deemed “credible” because it involved the media-approved subject and was delivered with just the right amount of drama; no supporting documentation or pertinent receipts required.

Justice Kavanaugh’s allegations, for example, were based on a non-existing house, undefined date, and multiple “witnesses” who denied ever being present.  Yet, the media claimed that Ms. Ford was “entirely credible” for two reasons: “she bared her soul in front of the country,” and “she had no motive to lie!”  We can see all that unfold using a wayback machine called Google Search, but the media pretends we are not smart enough to do that, so they use the same arguments over and over again.

Ms. Ford had no motive to lie – other than free legal representation courtesy of George Soros, her new house paid for by the gullible moronsmultiple fake awards, and “the neighbor of the year” recognition by the grateful residents of the city of Palo Alto.  Other than that, she had no motive other than the courage of her convictions.

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You can rest assured that Cassidy Hutchinson had no ulterior motives either: none of those “saviors of Democracy” ever do.  They never get multi-million book deals.  They never get hired as CNN contributors.  And they never see media slobber all over them (well, maybe just Peggy Noonan.)  Likewise, young Ms. Hutchinson was only motivated by her courage and urgency to save the country from the ketchup – throwing tyrant.

The media’s job is to be skeptical about any story – especially such a farfetched one as Ms. Ford’s, and now Mr. Hutchinson’s.  You would think that both Brett Kavanaugh being a closeted serial rapist, and Donald Trump’s confidence in his ability to drive a limo from the back seat, deserves a healthy amount of skepticism.  But the media immediately ran with the testimony like it was a word from Gospel and put the burden of disproof on you:

“Any who know otherwise, who can rebut what she said, should come forward and, like her, testify under oath.”

The secret service immediately responded with “Your terms are acceptable,” ready to present the actual witness to contradict Ms. Hutchinson’s gossip.  But Peggy Noonan, quoting another Trump hater called Andrew McCarthy, immediately declared that “unlike a criminal trial,” “this venue” does not call for due process (flashback here.)

“Ms. Hutchinson didn’t say that the skirmish occurred but that she had been told it had—by an agent who was there, minutes after it allegedly happened. There’s nothing wrong in this venue with hearsay.”

When “a venue” is specifically designed with one purpose – destroying a person in a court of public opinion – the media welcomes lies; they reject presumption of innocence; and they practice a healthy suspension of disbelief when the witness’ testimony contradicts laws of nature.

To quote Governor DeSantis, the January 6 hearings are Peggy Noonan’s Christmas.  Trump haters are getting high on seeing Donald Trump’s name once again being drawn through the mud.  Not having much going for them as far as the Biden administration is concerned, that’s the only joy they have left.  And, the hearings have an added bonus of diverting Americans’ attention from gas prices which are not getting any lower.  Therefore, Peggy Noonan hopes we can have this pathetic spectacle going for a while:

“What is important now is getting more people testifying publicly under oath. More people are going to want to talk. The committee should be given the resources to pick up its pace and lengthen its schedule.”

Peggy Noonan ends with a big cheer for LIz Cheney (who needs as much help as she can get) expressing confidence in Nancy Pelosi’s “wisdom” to reject “the boys” of the Republican Party from the committee.  According to Ms. Noonan, “it made the committee” (the assertion not borne out by the ratings,) and made for “less obfuscation, less sowing of chaos.”  Obviously, Ms. Noonan already concluded that Trump is a seditionist insurrectionist, and anything that contradicts that forgone conclusion is just obfuscation and chaos that nobody needs to hear.

“And yet such people [as Cassidy Hutchinson] can upend empires.”

Every one of Ms. Noonan political observations in the last 20 years has been woefully wrong – and this one is no exception.  Just like so many previous “contenders” looking to save Democracy, (or rather for 15 minutes of fame,) Ms. Hutchinson’s name will disappear into obscurity before the year ends.  Christine Ford and Stormy Daniels, whose names were projected to go into history books next to the founding fathers, are fondly remembered only by Brian Stelter.  And a special favorite of Brian – Michael Avenatti – is currently measuring drapes for his prison cell.

History is written by the winners – not the whiners.  You would think that being a historian, Peggy Noonan would know that.  But just as a formerly promising politician called Liz Cheney, Peggy Noonan changed her career path to being a vicious Trump hater whose incessant whining makes everybody sick.  Intellectual honesty is not a part of the job description.

By Tatyana Larina at Right Wire Report

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Featured photo by United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons