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Watch: Bible School Concert Goes Hilariously Wrong When Little Dude Goes For Crotch Grab

As long as men have walked the earth, no doubt they have felt inclined to scratch, readjust, or simply remind those around them that they, indeed, possess the requisite male tools.

Whether the inclination to grab one’s crotch is ingrained or inculcated, it suffices that the move must be carefully calculated. In the right context, one might get a pass. Think Michael Jackson as he artfully moonwalks.

Athletes have been long known to taunt opponents with a visually powerful reminder of what their opponents are dealing with.

And then there is this little hero at a bible school concert, whose antics have now been seen millions of times. Is it appropriate what happens? Would you laugh if it was your kid? Probably not, but then again, as we endure two years of overt medical fascism, I have tired of the masked sheep and don’t mind a little rebellion among folks. We need more little dudes bucking the system right now.

And with that, this video just needs to be watched:

Clay Travis sums it up perfectly:

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“YOU are going to talk to him about how inappropriate this was, it can’t just be me! And you better not fucking laugh when you do it!” Mom to dad after the vacation bible school finale went off the rails.”

Twitter was full of other perfect comments as well.

“You know mom is going hammer dad just as much as the kid. Nobody escapes mom’s wraith on this one.”

“Just when I start to believe the youth in our country are doomed, this kid gives me hope.”

Now, this doesn’t all mean that the kid gets a free pass. I am hoping that the parent(s) had a talk with Junior after the performance to discuss social norms and etiquette. He isn’t Hunter Biden, right? 

Still, you have the talk, you have a laugh, and you move on. No one got hurt in this experience and we all brightened our days just a little bit more for having seen it. Childhood innocence and testing boundaries comes with raising them, so you just go with the flow. We were briefly reminded that life can be funny and amazing. This group of concertgoers will always have a story to tell.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.