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Don’t Mess With Texas, Especially Dads From Texas: A Lone Star State Dad’s Response To Robbers

The term “Mama Bears” has been commonly used to describe the intense protective instincts displayed by mothers objecting to the targeting of their children by leftwing bureaucrats. It became widely used during last year’s Virginia gubernatorial election and the various school board controversies leading up to it.

As education officials attempted to ramp up the indoctrination of Virginia’s children, parents, particularly moms, pushed back fiercely. The term “Mama Bears” soon spread to other parts of the country and the message was clear: Don’t even try to get in between a mother and her kids.

We know that mothers can be deeply protective of their young children, not just with humans but in the animal kingdom as well, but what about fathers? What does it look like when their protective instincts kick in? Thanks to a father of two babies in the Houston, Texas area, we have a detailed example of the possibilities, and two young robbers ended up in the hospital after getting a firsthand look at that example.

According to FOX26-TV in Houston:

“[A] family had just driven home, with two babies in the backseat, when two suspects apparently tried to enter their vehicle. The sheriff’s office says the suspects opened the back door to the family’s SUV, and the father fired shots and struck both suspects. The wife drove the vehicle away after the shooting to get away from the suspects, according to [the Harris County Sheriff’s Office].

Authorities say someone believed to be with the suspects drove up after the shooting. The two 16-year-old suspects were taken to the hospital by a private vehicle. They are said to be stable and in fair condition.”

Try to rob a couple with a pair of babies in the car, and you get shot for your trouble. Justice, indeed.

If messing with a protective parent is a bad idea, it’s an especially bad idea if it’s attempted with a parent who is armed. Now those two young suspects have learned a valuable lesson. But the fact is, the frequency of such incidents isn’t on the decline, it’s on the rise. While Texans take pride in their mantra, “Don’t Mess With Texas,” the Lone Star State has not been immune to increasing lawlessness.

Violent crime in Harris County, Texas, which accounts for most of the City of Houston including where this specific incident took place, has seen a 24% spike in homicides since 2020, along with a 3% jump in sexual assaults and an 11% increase in aggravated assaults. This dramatic crime rate surge in Houston, which is run by Democrats, of course, has been seen in many other blue cities as well.

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Violent crime is a problem that is not, unfortunately, going away any time soon. It’s also occurring, not coincidentally, in the aftermath of the leftwing “Defund the Police” movement in many of these cities, along with a revitalized anti-gun mob looking to take away our Second Amendment rights.

While we don’t know for certain, what type of gun this courageous father used to disable these perpetrators and perhaps save the lives of his children, there is one conclusion we can draw without any uncertainty: Whatever type of gun was used, leftist Democrats would like nothing more than to outlaw them and take them away from citizens like this dad.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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