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LOL: Woke Lingerie Legacy Company Ditches Angels For Megan Rapinoe, Stock Crashes Over 50% In 2022

It used to be a warning of sorts when we cautioned going woke might result in going broke. Now, it’s more of a celebration.

Disney, Netflix, and countless other brands have pandered endlessly to The Latest Thing, and it never goes well for them. Disney stock cratered after it was revealed the extent to which they loved sexually grooming kids. Even places as innocuous as Subway, after it hired Megan Rapinoe as a spokesthing, faced a torrent of vitriolic backlash.

Add the once-booming label of Victoria’s Secret to the panoply of failed woke enterprises.

According to financial reports, the stock price of Victoria’s Secret (VSCO) reached a high of almost $63 as recently as February of 2022. In July, the price cratered to below $27, representing a nearly 60% devaluation. Even brands like Disney didn’t bottom out so hard.

“The New York Post shared the most recent decline in woke mismanagement:

Shares of Victoria’s Secret tumbled on Wednesday after the lingerie giant said it’s laying off 160 management-level employees at its Ohio headquarters.

The fired workers in “management roles” represent 5% of Victoria’s Secret home office headcount and will save about $40 million, the company said.”

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The Post went on to note that the inevitable crash of stock price and company image was intentional. As with other corporations simultaneously fearful of the leftist mob’s unhinged potential for destruction as well as smitten with the postmodern outlook that elevates the worst parts of our culture, Victoria’s Secret purposefully erased their sexy Angels in favor of gross models such as the pink-haired communist fool Megan Rapinoe.

“The turnaround is aimed at shedding the company’s decades-old elitist image — it ditched the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show last year and no longer uses imagery of its famous Angels — to respond to critics who decried it as a sexist, exclusionary company. Slammed for being out of touch, the company’s sales had steadily declined for several years.

Now it offers plus sizes and features plus-size models in its marketing as well as selling mastectomy bras for the first time. It also launched its first-ever Mother’s Day campaign last year. Its stores are brighter and it’s championing more causes highlighting women’s achievements, tapping famous athletes like Megan Rapinoe and actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas to represent the brand.”

As America gets fatter, it makes perfect sense to market and sell items to the bevy of plus-sized customers who still want to feel sexy. I get it. 

However, the solution to such a campaign is not to demonize those that have attained, via a lucky roll of the genetic dice, hard work, or some combination, the peak of beauty. It is neither the model’s fault nor the traditional customers that naturally view the highest form of art – be it the human figure, art, music, etc. – as a good thing to which we can all aspire and hold in reverence.

The left being the left, though, they sought to destroy what was good. In this case, the Angels represented an ideal that they hate. The left hates hard work, they hate that some people have it better than others, and so in their quest for equality, rather than rise those from the bottom up, they pushed those at the top down.

Victoria’s Secret deserves everything that happens to it. Keep the undeserving Medal of Freedom winner as your model, and let’s see how far she can tank another brand.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

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