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Is Hillary Running Again In 2024? Another Subtle Signal Indicates The Answer Is Yes

Since the outcome of the 2020 presidential election became clear, there has been widespread speculation that there would be an epic electoral rematch in 2024, with the combatants being an incumbent Joe Biden versus Donald Trump attempting to channel his inner Grover Cleveland.

Yet the closer we get to our next quadrennial exercise of choosing our commander-in-chief, the more likely it appears that we may indeed see a presidential election rematch, but with a ballot matching the ones with which we cast votes in 2016, not in 2020. Hillary Clinton’s flirtations with another candidacy are becoming increasingly clear and undeniable.

On Wednesday, former Clinton confidant Dick Morris predicted Hillary would stage a third run for president in two years, but his credibility on such matters is questionable. Dick Morris reminds us of the character Eddie Mush from The Bronx Tale, whose record at wagering was so pathetic his friends would begin ripping up their betting tickets the moment they learned Mush had bet along with them.

But there are other signs indicating a potential Clinton V. Trump rematch in 2024, including this one from Hillary herself on Thursday:

That tweet doesn’t suggest Hillary’s running again, you say? Consider the timing. Only hours prior to Clinton’s tweet we became aware of President Biden’s reinfection with COVID. Issuing a tweet calling voters’ attention to her own presidential pedigree shortly after being reminded that our current, disastrous, soon-to-be octogenarian clown of a president is not only suffering from senility but is also physically fragile may be a coincidence; but then again, that seems unlikely.

When determining the likelihood of a 2024 Hillary candidacy, we must first examine her potential challengers. Joe Biden will be 82 years old in 2024, but it already seems like he’s in his 90s. The man is a mess. He’s also historically unpopular and is on the precipice of ushering in a monumental defeat for his party in November’s midterm elections. Biden is already hemorrhaging support from his own party, and unless things turn around quickly, he may have an uphill climb just to get renominated, let alone reelected.

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The problem for the Democrats is that their current bench is a joke. Speculations on prospective replacements for Biden on the 2024 ballot have included Vice-President Kamala Harris who is one of the least talented politicians we’ve ever seen.

Then we have California Governor Gavin Newsom who has run his state into the ground to the point residents are fleeing in droves, followed by Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker who might actually be worse than Newson. Add other pitiful contenders such as ancient far-left senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders along with our laughable Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and it’s likely that Hillary is rightfully concluding that her potential competition is incredibly weak.

But what is most telling about the probability of Hillary running again is her own priorities. Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill desperately seek two things: attention and power. They crave both like a heroin addict being driven to rehab. Hillary was the heir apparent to the Democrats’ throne in 2008 until she got thrashed by an upstart named Barack Obama. In 2016, she had the media in her pocket, a bottomless pile of money in her campaign war chest, and she came ever so close to winning, and, in fact, she beat Donald Trump with the popular vote six years ago.

That complete authority that Hillary so intensely desires was so close in 2016. She was right there. Now Hillary’s got a floundering president in Biden and an incredibly weak stable of options for her party to choose from. She may well determine that now, finally, is her time. And if that is indeed the course of action Hillary Clinton and the Democrats decide to take, conservatives and Republicans should be doing cartwheels.

If Donald Trump runs against Hillary Clinton again in 2024, the presidency will be his to lose. The only person who could defeat him would be himself. Trump left office with high unfavorable ratings, but Hillary Clinton is one of the least likable individuals to ever run for office. And if Trump decides to sit 2024 out, any of the other potential Republican candidates Hillary would face – DeSantis, Noem, Pompeo, Cotton, Haley, or anyone else – would destroy Mrs. Clinton. Hillary in 2024 would be manna from heaven for the GOP.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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