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[Watch] Pronoun Update: Add “Frogself” To The Ever Growing List

What we all must remember as we consider the video below is that there are two distinct approaches to the message being sent. On one side of the spectrum, we have rational, logical Americans who struggle not to laugh at this person’s inanity. Those of us in this category tend to be conservatives and/or Republicans. We are vocal in our resistance to her demands, we refuse her efforts to arbitrarily bastardize our language, but we also feel compassion for her mental state as we hope and pray that she receives help.

On the other side of the debate, however, there are those who not only support and comply with this outrageousness, they celebrate it. You think you’re a frog? No problem, your frogness. You’re a bug, you say? Well, good for you, and we think you’re a beautiful bug. Anything and everything that works against our institutions and social norms is embraced by this group of enablers.

Not everyone who is a Democrat supports this nonsense, but virtually everyone who supports this nonsense is a Democrat.

Now, consider what lesson this woman is trying to convey. Watch:

What, exactly, is she telling us? Does she think she’s a frog? Perhaps. Or does she just like the imaginary word “frogself?” Maybe. Does she also think she’s a bug, in which case we must ask is she both a frog and a bug simultaneously? Could be. And considering that frogs eat bugs, is she dealing with some type of internal, food-chain-related mental struggle? You never know.

So, while we on the right observe her as she makes her case, our initial puzzlement turns to dismissiveness and amusement, but then our emotions quickly turn to pity. This young woman is well-spoken, and is probably fairly bright. But it’s also clear she has been spoiled and catered to. It’s likely she received multiple participation trophies as a child, was never told “no” when she asked for a new toy, and now feels as though she is entitled to transform our language as she sees fit and to force compliance on everyone in her social circle.

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More than anything, this video is sad, and we hope that she can turn things around and someday establish a grasp on reality.

But for those on the left, they see heroism, and in doing so they incentivize such behavior. This young woman is recognizing her true self; the authentic ‘her,’ or whatever word applies. Among other things, playing along with such a charade helps to tear down the most fundamental tool of our society: language. Because if words can be rendered meaningless, they can then be manipulated for more sinister objectives.

But what is additionally at play with this episode is the denial of actuality, and this objective is becoming increasingly clear. Don’t believe your eyes, there are no longer such things as “absolutes”

Killing babies in the womb of an eight-month pregnant woman is now called “health care.” Vaccines that don’t prevent infection are not only described as “highly effective,” citizens are forced to receive them. And riots objecting to imaginary injustices that destroy $2 billion worth of property and kill 25 fellow citizens are declared fiery but mostly peaceful protests.

For those who have never read George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984, it’s about time you did. And when you do, you’ll be shocked at the similarities between the novel and videos like this one.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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