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[VIDEO] Is She Serious?! VP Kamala Harris Has Most Absurdly Embarrassing Moment Yet

The practice isn’t even particularly common in corporate America or on social media. Occasionally we’ll see someone on LinkedIn or Facebook list their preferred pronouns on their profiles, but fortunately, such instances are still fairly rare. Explaining that one’s pronouns are she/her or he/him serves no real purpose since any sane individual can make such deductions with even the slightest of clues.

So, why bother? It’s all about virtue-signaling, of course. Look how woke and open-minded I am! I don’t simply assume you can make any conclusions about my gender, so I’m going to get it out of the way before we start a meeting or before we’re even familiar with each other on Twitter. It’s all preposterous of course, but hardcore, leftist Democrats like Vice-President Kamala Harris are trying to make it commonplace. But it’s not working.

But today, Harris took such idiocy to new levels during a White House roundtable event. Watch:

Declaring one’s preferred pronouns is silly enough, but describing what color suit you’re wearing? Harris’ introduction, like so much of the other woke initiatives being undertaken by far-left Democrats, is simply bizarre. Why would Harris provide such a description?

We haven’t seen the damage-control explanation from the Vice-President’s handlers yet, but we can virtually guarantee that when we do they’ll lecture us about how progressive Harris is, how bigoted the rest of us are, and that the reason Harris explained that she’s “wearing a blue suit” is for the benefit of blind folks. Er, excuse me, I meant to say “visually impaired” individuals.

What is unclear is whether there were any blind folks in attendance, but ultimately, that detail doesn’t matter. Most blind Americans, like most Americans in general, could not care less what Kamala is wearing. In fact, the only thing any of us care about – tall, short, blind, deaf, fat, skinny, blue-eyed, or brown-eyed – is what kind of job Harris does as VP. And the fact is, she’s absolutely horrible at being the second most powerful person in our government.

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We are left to wonder, however, where does this nonsense stop? If Ms. Harris is now going to paint a picture of her appearance, why just stop at the color of her suit? What brand is the suit, Ms. Harris? What type of lapels does it have? And how many buttons? What size is the jacket, and when you say it’s blue, what type of blue? Azure blue? Royal blue? Navy blue?

And if we’re going to provide such descriptions for those who are deprived of the sense of sight, what about the other senses? For those of us who aren’t there and can’t smell you, for those who have a poor sense of taste and smell, what type of perfume are you wearing? What type of mouthwash did you use this morning? For deaf folks, do you speak with a soprano or baritone voice? Do you have any pronunciation peculiarities? Do you stutter? Do you have an accent?

As a public service announcement, and for those of us who may be lacking certain aspects of perception, here are some clarifications in case Kamala Harris doesn’t explain this detail for you:

  • VP Harris is a woman and you don’t need her permission, or anyone else’s, to conclude that fact and assign the corresponding pronouns.
  • Regardless of what color her suit is, you can be sure it costs a lot of money, and your tax dollars paid for it.
  • Similarly, regardless of what color her suit is, Kamala is thoroughly confident that she looks absolutely gorgeous in it as she does in everything she wears.
  • Her hair color is black, her smile is phony, and when she puts on that serious face as she does occasionally, she looks like more of a joke than usual.
  • We don’t know what she smells like or if she has bad breath, but we do know that she stinks at her job.
  • And her voice isn’t very high-pitched when she’s talking, but her cackling laugh sounds like fingernails on a blackboard.

And for those who can’t see or hear, you’ll just have to trust on this one: Kamala Harris is insufferably annoying.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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