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What’s Motivating Democrats, Globalist Elites, And Socialists? It’s Time To Pay Attention

The lure of wealth is the ultimate cult that carries within the seeds of its’ own destruction.  Civilization began with people supporting a tiny government and has ended with people expecting the government to support them.  Historically government is a tumor that contains an appetite that is never satiated.  It is fiercely defensive of its’ own prerogatives and can only be controlled by exorcizing the tumor or starving it.  Government begins in insignificance and grows by pillaging the citizens that created it.  The caliber of its’ members never rises, consequently, growth magnifies its’ errors and accelerates its’ own destruction.

As financial domination is extended, government proponents become controllers of vast wealth extorted from the populace.  The cycle continues until the society is exhausted.

The political world order ruled by western type financial negotiation is gone if it ever existed.  One hundred years of waste and incompetence have exhausted the concept.  World domination is a tough pill to swallow and the Muslim hoard and Mongols attempted and failed in the struggle in previous millennia.  It appears that a period of watchful waiting is upon us to determine what type of system will evolve after our current disasters recede while enduring a cloud of smoke and a destroyed empire.

Allowing our technologies to be used by potential foes against us reveals a lack of planning and organization and a lust for gold.  The U.S.A. is overrun with Chinese and Indian infiltrators that have acquired the industrial and scientific secrets of our once dominant society.  Our pomposity in attempting to indoctrinate their cultures with our ideas and ideals has failed but has created significant adversaries committed to our destruction.

The siphoning off of our financial strength has now become apparent across the West.  It has been a shock to the average citizen how easily our government is purchased and bent to outside control. Our citizens’ naiveté has been exposed for all to see. It leaves a simmering pot of revolutionary thought in its’ wake.

Today we are experiencing a revolution involving intellectual self-deception that is financed and controlled by an “elite” which is totally dependent on the sweat of a serf class for its’ existence.  Our betters feel that the population will exceed the ability of the environment to support itself and they are the only ones that are able to rescue the planet from a vague disaster by creating another.

We are now suffering through the incompetent attempts by this elite to create and manage a world society.  The unfortunate result of these attempts is a poorly designed plan that will only eliminate a small portion of the population while leaving us exposed to new and destructive empires.

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Looking at the past century of rather pitifully designed governmental structures gives one a preview of the results of the current attempts to carry through their ideas of domination.  New organizations such as the BRICS are offering an option to ignore the ministrations of the western monetary system.  South America and Africa are areas that are now being addressed as their resources and populations are beyond the control of Europe.

The unfortunate thing is that the European Union plans that were so easily drawn up 30 years ago were totally in error. The ‘crats wanted a central authority to operate again. Leading WEF clowns felt entitled to inherit the throne of the Roman Emperor but it obviously will never occur.  Only fragmentation and an hourglass dripping towards disruption await the new rulers of the western society. Will the new common language be Chinese or Arabic?

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