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NCAA Swimmer Goes On Tucker, Discusses “Extreme Discomfort” In Locker Room With Lia Thomas

Former NCAA Swimmer Riley Gaines made a huge splash on Tucker Carlson Today, in which she outlined the “threat” she faced as a female swimmer upon the forced inclusion of Lia Thomas as well as the “extreme discomfort” she and other swimmers felt by having to share a locker room with someone with “other parts.”

It was an interview more appropriate for The Twilight Zone than it was one of cable news’ most prominent and sane hosts. Here we are, though, in 2022, where discussing what constitutes men, women, fairness, and common sense are anything but easy.

Gaines made sure to note that the response to her courageous outspokenness has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I have received so much support, like it’s insane, which tells me who the majority is, what the general population thinks even if you’re not an athlete, if you’re not a female. It’s like we said – common sense.

It’s just been an influx of support all across the board, honestly. You have your couple of negative comments, but it’s things calling me, like, transphobic – which, if they say that, it just rolls right over my head because they’re not listening to the message.”

Initially, as Gaines recalled, the idea that Thomas would even compete against her and other women seemed far fetched. Fox News wrote that after Gaines and her teammates learned Thomas had competed in the men’s division for the three previous years that “the NCAA wouldn’t permit Thomas to compete in the women’s national championships with unfair physical advantages like height, muscle mass and heart and lung size.”

Aside from the matter-of-fact issue of fairness, in which someone like Tohmas brings an outsized physical advantage, there was then the psychological and emotional struggle during the entire swim season. 

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Fox News continued:

“Gaines also pointed out that Thomas brought “extreme discomfort” to the locker room, and that organizers did not disclose that Thomas would be using the women’s facilities.

“That’s not something we were forewarned about, which I don’t think is right in any means, changing in a locker room with someone who has different parts,” Gaines said. “So not only were we forced to race against a male, we were forced to change in the locker room with one… And so then we’re sitting there not even knowing who to talk to, who to complain to, because this kind of all happened behind the scenes and very discreetly.””

Gaines went on to share with Tucker that the impact on Thomas’ inclusion also led piure heartbreak. Watching Thomas take home championship mtitles and stand on the podium meant others had been displaced.

“That next day [after a meet at Georgia Tech] we came back and the mood had shifted to where people were mad. There were tears, these poor ninth and seventeenth-place finishers who missed out on being named an all-American.”

The whole interview can be watched at Fox HERE.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.