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NFL’s Chicago Bears Reject Lori Lightfoot’s Billions, Plan To Abandon Crime-Ridden Windy City For Safer Suburbs

The 7th-most valuable NFL franchise, Da Bears of Chicago, are packing their bags and heading to greener (read: safer, more tax-friendly) pastures. It’s the perfect middle finger to woke, inept leadership personified by real-life Beetlejuice Lori Lightfoot.

Chicago has seen an astonishing 35% increase in crime and hopelessly stupid policies from Lightfoot now prevent CPD officers from even pursuing potential misdeamor suspects on foot. Meanwhile, the Bears rake in $166 million annually to go toward a corrupt budget that prioritizes illicit gangbanging activities over the safety of its players, fans, and own citizens.

The only question worth asking is why they didn’t do this years ago.

The Daily Caller reported earlier that Mayor Lightfoot’s desperate office offered a sweetheart deal to keep the team, offering up loads of taxpayer money to update Soldier Field with an impressive array of expanded seated, more suites, more concessions, and a retractable roof, replete with the modernization of countless other appearances and amenities.

“Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot offered an incentive with a value of up to $2.2 billion in renovations to the Soldier Field stadium in hopes of convincing the Bears to stay in the city.”

For their part, the Bears are still signed with the city and technically cannot explore other locations. Still, as the Daily Caller notes, this hasn’t precluded them from investing in land in the safer northwest suburbs of Chicago.

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“The Bears purchased a $197.2 million, 326-acre property in Arlington Park from Churchill Downs Inc. in September 2021, according to a statement on the team’s website. The new stadium is 30 miles northwest of Soldier Field.”

Under her disastrous mayoral leadership, Lightfoot has exacerbated an already deadly pandemic of gang violence and out-of-control crime. Rather than call in the National Guard and empower local police to shut down the worst neighorhoods, her District Attorney’s office isntead released murderers on account of “mutual combatancy” and a blind-eye approach. What’s a few dead black guys when other blacks are doing the turf-war killing?

Now, Lightfoot can add a mass exodus of people and companies to her resume. In addition to losing the Chicago Bears, which is quite an accomplishment in its own right, the Daily Caller also noted that the Bears are not the first to call it quits.

“The Bears are not the only asset to ditch Chicago. Hundreds of thousands of Illinois residents and businesses have left Chicago due to the current state of the city.

Illinois’ population declined by 113,776 from July 1, 2020, through July 1, 2021, according to an Illinois policy report. Although people are fleeing Illinois from all around the state, the City of Chicago lost a total of 45,175 residents from July 2020-July 2021, the third-highest of any city in America.

Citadel, an investment firm that had been located in Chicago for over 30 years, recently announced it would be relocating to Florida. 

Boeing, a multinational aerospace company, announced it would move its headquarters out of the city and into Arlington, Virginia, in May, according to NBC Chicago.

The overwhelming emigration out of Chicago comes amidst the city’s surge in violent crime and pro-criminal policies.”

The lack of self-awareness and inability to change are both astounding traits of leftism. Faced with a fleeing populace and increased immorality based solely on their policy prescriptions, the zealots in charge do nothing but double down on what got them there.

The only thing that remains to be seen is if Lightfoot gets a haircut on the same day she encouraged the Bears to leave town.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.