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Watch: Whoopi Goldberg Finally Offers Apology For False GOP Neo-Nazi Accusations

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t have the self-awareness, intelligence, or moral framework to make astute observations. That’s what makes her perfect for the daytime show’s panel and its confusing audience makeup. I mean, who even watches this garbage?

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometime, but not Whoopi. She is as helpless as can be, making stupid remark after stupid remark, each time finding a new low.

In between sound bites of chewing food, she earlier this year stated emphatically that the Holocaust was not motivated by German racism towards the Jews. That earned her a two-week vacation. 

Though it didn’t have to provide counsel before, ABC’s legal department is now firing on all cyliunders after Whoppi really stepped in it this week by suggesting the presence of neo-Nazi (presumably the FBI, Lincoln Project, or some other front) at Turning Point USA’s massive and inpsiring Student Action Summit in the great state of Florida meant that the conservative organization itself was sympathic to Nazism and/or no better than Nazis themselves.


First, The View tried to save face in the moment with this on-air recovery after the commercial:

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Like I said, Whoopi doesn’t have much self-awareness, intelligence, or moral framework to save face. Rather than simply admit she took it too far, she decided that metaphors were legally protective. Legal said otherwise.

So then she needed saving from the rest of her team. Panelist Sarah Haines (where do they find these people now?) stepped in to read the latest pablum in a Hail Mary effort to avoid Turning Point’s looming lawsuit.

That was received as one might expect boilerplate apologies to be received. That led to this moment on Thursday’s airing of The View, where Whoopi herself had to open the show with a tightly scripted message. 

Turning Point immediately asked its following if they should accept the apology, because they know what’s up. This wasn’t genuine. She said it, but she didn’t mean it. If you turned the audio off and just watched the body language, you’d assume she was a POW saying conditions were great – with a gun pointed to her head just off camera.

In response to the query, Twitter offered a variety of opinons. Many centered around the Christian theme of forgiveness, and while that may work on an individual level, there are larger cultural concerns worth addressing. Many of Twitter’s comments highlighted the left’s escalation and cancelations up to this point.

In 2019 I’d have said yes – but they’ve entirely proven they 100% wouldn’t accept it from us &, furthermore, would have a hissyfit until the network caved & cancelled whatever it was – so, I’m done w/our side being the bigger person -if we’re gonna fight pigs we have to get dirty

ABSOLUTELY NOT, it’s been far to long for The View getting away with criticism and false statements. They apologize and everything is back to normal. They keep doing it over and over. Time to set the example. PROCEED

To [sic]late what about the people that never heard the apology sue the view if it was the other way around they would have no mercy.

I agree with these Twitter comments. We are in the middle of a culture war that can only see one side win. Whoopi and her ilk have gotten away with this nasty, divisive rhetoric for far too long. It’s time to pay the Nick Sandmann/Kyle Rittenhouse price.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.