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Democrats Are Fine With Diversity When It’s Somewhere Else… That’s Why We Need Diversity Airlifts

Democrats are fine with diversity when it’s somewhere else, that’s why we need diversity airlifts.

Sometimes history calls forth a woman to take care of a need that cannot be neglected one more second, that woman is Michelle Obama and the need is virtue in the non-diverse bastions of the nation’s socialist left.

Tucker Carlson asked a very pertinent question recently that needs to be addressed in the existential crisis of our time, or at least the last few minutes.  Why haven’t the bastions of the anti-liberty left become more diverse with the tsunami of illegal invaders streaming into the country?

Anyone the least bit familiar with our socialist betters of the fascist far left knows that they pride themselves on being more virtuous than anyone else on the planet. Never mind whether that’s true or not, it doesn’t matter.

It’s how they look that counts, and right now they don’t look good with the millions of illegal invaders streaming into the country from all over the world, bringing in fentanyl and who knows what over the open border. It’s a diversity crisis, and we all know that anti-liberty leftists are experts at both, and exploiting language to maximum effect.

But now that they have a diversity crisis, and as soon as they stop talking about a 3 hour, mostly peaceful protest that happened more than a year and a half ago, they’ll get onto looking at the fact that there is no diversity of illegal invaders in the bastions of the nation’s socialist left. At least, that will be the case when global cooling overtakes hades and anti-liberty leftists start being truthful.

To solve this problem, we’ll need a diversity airlift the likes of which have never been seen, and we’ll need someone to take charge of the effort.

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That’s where Michelle Obama can show her abilities to take over as faux president from Biden.

When the time comes, you know she’s going to run with a catchy campaign slogan like ‘Barack in the White House again, hope and change should really work the 4th time around’.

With Bara.. Michelle in charge, she can make sure that all of the illegal invaders will be routed to where they will be welcomed with open arms in the sanctuaries of the authoritarian socialist, anti-liberty left. At least that should be the case if you listen to their propaganda sycophants for any length of time. We will have no doubt that the luminaries of the liberticidal left will welcome them into their very bosom, their multiple mansions and estates. We know they value diversity and equity above everything else. Because we know they live to address diversity concerns and solve the latest in the revolving door of emergencies.

This is just like any others they’ve conjured up in the past few years. Starting with the global cooling crisis, then the global warming crisis, then the climate crisis, then the COVID crisis, then the ‘gun violence’ crisis, then the healthcare crisis, then the Monkeypox (pause for laughter) crisis. Just think of a way the anti-liberty left would like to control your life, and they’ll think of a crisis to justify that control.

It’s not like they just started reporting every weather event to scare you about global cooling, just because they started reporting every weather event to scare you about global cooling. It’s certainly not like they just started reporting every crime to scare you about ‘gun violence’ or talk about every new disease to scare you about the next pandemic. Oh wait, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Nevertheless, the underreported diversity crisis doesn’t make it any less dire.

Just think of all of those authoritarian leftists in low diversity circumstances in Aspen, Malibu, Burlington, and of course, Martha’s Vineyard. Virtue signaling is a serious business to them, and now that the word has gone out they need some diversity brought down on them but quick.

They need a diversity airlift and they need it now and there is no one better suited to lead the effort that the future faux president for Barack’s 4th term: Michelle Obama.

By D Parker

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, and the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

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