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Lol: Will Smith RETURNS After Months Of Silence With Hilariously Bad Apology Video

Will Smith’s entire life has revolved around pretending. He pretended in an early 1990’s sitcom. Then he pretended in a few box office smashes and dabbled in pretending off and on ever since. His fame, celebrity, and massive fortune are all the result of being really good at pretending.

As time goes on, it seems the only genuine thing Will Smith has done is get manipulated by a horrible woman and react to a funny joke at her expense by attacking an emcee on stage.

After being publicly shamed and exiled for slapping Oscar’s host Chris Rock across the face for cracking an unscripted joke about Smith’s feminazi wife Jada Pinkett’s Mr. Clean look for a G.I. Jane sequel, Smith was likely told to disappear for a while until things smoothed over. 

Now, he’s resurfaced with a jaw-droppingly cringe public apology, uploaded to his ten-million-subscriber YouTube account. I am always skeptical of the public apology to begin with; are you doing this more for the victim or just you? 

There is then the fact that the video was produced with the quality of a summer blockbuster. Sound effects, lighting, script, and a multitude of camera angles create the effect that this is Will’s finest performance yet. Aside from the fact that he could leave a voicemail for Chris and let the actual victim decide when he’s ready to move on from that pathetic display of beta male vengeance, Smith at least could have done an off-the-cuff selfie video and shoot from the hip.

Instead, he produced the hell out of his public apology and came across as sincere as a kid opening socks on Christmas. Oh wow, socks…gee, thanks, Grandma!

Here is the Oscar-winning actor desperately reaching for fame and relevancy:

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If Covid gaslighting taight us anything in the past twop years, iut’s that we should never underestoamte a good narrative. We alls aw Smith yell at Rock, we all sawe him run up on stage, we all saw him smack him like a little girl, and then we all saw the fallout. But here’s Smith turning himself into the victim and Rock into the antagonist.

If only he’d return my calls! I am doing everything I can! It’s pathetic.

The YouTube comments offered a perfect summation of how we all feel after seeing this video.

When you use three different cameras to issue an apology, I’m reminded of something the judge in the movie Mrs Doubtfire said… “your little speech seemed to be… very heartfelt and genuine. But I believe it to be a terrific performance by a very gifted actor. Nothing more”.

This just feels like damage control. The way he says, “That wasn’t the right way to react AT THAT TIME,” and stuff like, “no matter how much disrespect,” he’s still sitting in a camp where part of him feels he’s in the right. But it seems like he’s processing it. Maybe the dude can grow, but I don’t think he’s there yet. Hope he gets there. I love Will.

This was no apology, this was damage control.  Will just made a $30 million dollar movie deal and was even paid in advanced.  They’re worried how this incident might reflect poorly at the box office.  So, they had him make this video.  Too little, too late!

When you use three cameras, lighting, audio effects, product placement, and still don’t say “I’m sorry” to another man, that’s how you know its legit.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

Featured image: Singlespeedfahrer, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons