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Drunk-Crashing Paul Pelosi’s Situation WORSE Than Imagined, Jesse Watters Reports Additional Drug Use And Huge Judicial Scandal

In a move too convenient to be an accident, the trial of Paul Pelosi begins today for his booze-fueled cruise that totaled two cars just as Nancy was alighting at ground zero for World War Three. Her unnecessary vacation to Asia happens to align with bombshell reports on the extensiveness of the corruption encircling Paul Pelosi.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters is one of the few journalists willing to look into the drunk-driving of Smirnoff Nancy’s husband and his dogged efforts have unveiled a story even worse – and it was already bad – than we could even have imagined.

Previously, we were told that hubby Paul was driving home from a bender and caused a collision. Occupants in both cars were fine aside from the hassle of dealing with police and insurance. Of course, even at the time it was almost impossible to get a mugshot and basic report from the incident, but that was to be expected from a highly-connected family.

Now, Watters uncovers a scandal so outrageous that is blood-boilingly infuriating. Here is Watters with a hugely critical five-minute expose:

Let’s break that entire video down. For starters, it wasn’t just Chardonnay, as Watters humorously notes. It was drugs of a certain sort. And that “Papa Paulie was absolutely plastered.” The police report mentioned red/watery eyes and a stupor so ridiculous it’s incredible he could even find the gas pedal. 

Indeed, the police report makes clear that Pelosi was under the influence of both “an alcoholic beverage and a drug.”

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Then there is the injury sustained by the victim. It was a complete lie that everyone was fine. Again, the police report details how the other driver suffered injuries enough to be afflicted by pain in the arm, shoulder and neck, and was even suffering from headaches so much so he required attention by a physician. Is that not a felony DUI at this point?

“When asked to hand over his driver’s license,” Watters says, “instead, Papa Paulie P fumbled around and then handed them a donor card. Specifically, for the CA highway patrol. In other words, implying to ‘Hey guys, I’m a donor and I can be an even a bigger donor if w, you know, can work things out.’”

Amazingly, the CA fund accepts donations in the form of stocks. It is widely known the Pelosis do quite well on the stock market.

Watters ends the segment with the most incredulous reporting in an already-outrageous scandal. On the eve of the trial, the presiding judge “mysteriously” stepped down and in their place a Democrat who has never presided over a criminal trial was placed on the bench.

And it gets worse. The judge received campaign donations from the assistant district attorney who would be prosecuting the case. This new judge also received campaign donations from the D.A for Napa County whom Watters keeps saying hello to in a joking matter. Hey, Allie.

To top it all off, this new judge has a special relationship with Gavin Newsom, himself connected to Clan Pelosi.

It’s, as Watters says, deck stacking of the highest magnitude a once more a clear-cut example of America’s ruinous two-tier justice system

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

Featured image: California Highway Patrol, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons