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Houston, We Have A Problem: The Demise Of Medical Excellence And Our Ongoing Quack Attack

There was a recent article by Derek Hunter posted via Townhall on the Righting. In any event, that’s where I saw it. The title of the article was: “Why Are There So Many Idiots in Politics?” The question of course not only was rhetoric, but it was also for a few, probably, a puzzlement. That is, however, what a true interrogative sentence is—a question, a request to solve an unknown—like a puzzle.

If you read the article (which was very good in my opinion) you will discover that he could not answer the question or solve the puzzle, however. He could only shine a light on LIARS since no one of those he described could be of God’s creation and be so stupid. Lying is the single road left to take for those whom he emasculated.

But without trying to steal his thunder or shine, myself, from the reflected light he cast, I offer perhaps a better question: Why are there so many fools in medicine?

I have been in Houston Texas for nearly 50 years and up until the current Chinese/Washington disease grift of the bad old Covid bugger-man, Houston was known for its position at the top of medical distinction.

Now, a ship of fools with Medical Degrees (maybe), awash in a common toilet. Many, most, are probably just cowards but fools lend themselves to cowardice, so what the hell?

Once professions of distinction. Now, little more than vocations, occupied by mediocre mindsets. Probably, or at least largely as a result of affirmative action, medical schools just like law schools are cluttered with some of the most ill-suited and in many cases some of the stupidest and vilest people this side of Somalian sewage engineers, or so it would seem. But how can they be so damn stupid? Again, Liars, mostly. They have learned at the knee of Washington politicians.

Once idolized, doctors of medicine, M.D.s (not to be confused with DVMs who seem to have kept their profession AND honor) have little if any “profession.” They simply make money much like a pimp. Much like doctors in, again the past century, in Germany, the government has taken them and molded them primarily for the state, secondarily for the patient.

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They have converted, as to the patient, from “do no harm” to “in harm’s way.” If you need an enema, you are probably safer at your pooch’s vet getting “hosed.”

Here in Houston Texas, there was once a medical “community” (the contemporary buzzword) comparable to or even better than any in the World. The home of Michael DeBakey and Denton Cooley to name, historically, only two of the foremost Heart Surgeons in the world; James “Red” Duke par excellence as a doctor renowned worldwide.  And whose scholarship first was a minister of God. A man credited with saving Governor John Connally’s life following the assassination of President John Kennedy. And never forget the once golden archway to cancer treatment, the M.D, Anderson Cancer Center.

But today a (useless)mask mandate ordered by (useless) politicians of the city is the required treatment for patients.

And these doctors of medicine stand by like Dr. Kevorkian has been raised from the dead and is reared on the back of his horse as the dark prince of the Apocalypse.  Said doctors take communion with the poisoned food and bitter wine of malpractice and death when they ignore their patients for politics!

Doctors haven’t made house calls in years. Thank God they still don’t. Every Jew AND Gentile would be sending out for gallons of lamb’s blood (delivered by Amazon, no doubt.

But the medical mediocracy is certainly spread beyond Houston Texas. There was a pandemic but it was a pandemic of medical condescension to bureaucrats; one which began in Wuhan or Washington (think Fauci) and spread to the “affirmative action” doctors of the world.

Today these toadies to the governmental malpractice mentors who claim a medical practice, demand that patients wear the masks of government. While at the same time they seem unopposed to having their own patients asked questions by other doctors or even bureaucrats –openly in public hallways-I know. I was one of many. I was queried until I simply left and went home. These doctors are either uneducated or cowards. Perhaps, both. Derek Hunter targeted stupid politicians. My target is cowardly doctors.

Any M.D. who even hints that a mask will prevent virus passage either failed any basic physics course he may have taken or had a fool for a physics professor.  This subject covers only a small part of any doctor’s “un-education.”  He also may have missed the day the atomic periodic table was discussed in basic chemistry. If these two are true his mastery of any laws of thermodynamics is blotto. Better off taking yourself to the vet, as previously said.

Fear has captured these weak-kneed bums, like most of the doctors in Nazi Germany who cowered and served the government over protecting their patients.

Then there was one—Hans Munch. The good man of Auschwitz –The doctor who stood against the Iron Eagle. Hans Münch – Wikipedia

But from what appears in the T.V. window to the world today, most of the rest of the current “community of medicine” is hardly better. There are a handful of the Rand Paul types. A few pop up on T.V. cable news. But any “Hans Munch”-types are scarce. Most are concerned, apparently, with first, doing themselves no harm (financially).

However, possibly there is a silver lining. At least for one former distinctive profession. Remember that the legal profession is now taught as a non-Socratic discipline and is well into not only idiot members but greedy doctor-hunting members?

There might be some good hunting around some of these “band-aid shops” posing as medical clinics and their affirmative action cowardly sawbones practitioners of health in this new world order.  Now, here lies fertile ground for some super contingency fees.

Next time you non-Socratic fellows hear of someone being told to wear a mask or take a shot without examination, study some sixth-grade physics and chemistry, grab your lawbooks and find a busy judge. You should make a buck or two. Doctors and lawyers, at home together—in the toilet.

Remember what Hitler did to idiots, you idiots!

By Paul Yarbrough

Paul Yarbrough is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

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Image by Darko Stojanovic from Pixabay