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Prescience or Paranoia? What’s Really Behind Biden Administration’s Coziness With Gavin Newsom

Since many ridiculed “conspiracy theories” have amazingly morphed into hard news, things promptly labeled conspiracies now are starting to get a second look before being instantly condemned.

What makes for a good conspiracy theory? Something better than the Tooth Fairy or the Boogie Man or Jeffery Epstein committed suicide?

Here’s the recipe: Initially, the story has to appear possible. It must be compelling, sexy, and contemporary; mass appeal would be nice. It’s gotta have enough facts to make the theory plausible. Generalities are OK if they add to plausibility without bordering on fantasy; essentially playing to the general ignorance of the audience and their enthusiasm to judge the practical impact of whatever skullduggery is involved.

So here is the Conspiracy Theory – if that’s what it really is and not a preview of coming attractions:

In fairly short order – maybe just a week or two – CA Governor Gavin Newsome will become President of the United States and no one – not you, me, or anyone – will have a vote or anything whatsoever to say about it. It’s completely legal and with precedent.

Remember a few weeks ago, Newsome visited the White House while Pres Biden was begging for oil abroad? He was in town for 3 days. When he visited the White House, Newsome had a lengthy closed-door meeting with Biden’s Chief of Staff, the irascible Ron Klain. No one officially knows what was discussed. Newsome brushed it off as “California issues”. But no one denies the meeting took place.

Take that the flurry of  published reports includes the hard facts, add a large helping of supposition, political possibilities, and smoke-filled rooms of closed-door meetings, and this is the way it works:

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First, some remarkably rich oligarch-type  – like a George Soros or Bill Gates – approaches the wildly unpopular glass ceiling breaker Kamala Harris with the bad but obvious news: “Sorry, Kammy, you’re not cuttin’ it; you have become an infestation of barnacles on the DNC’s progressive agenda. To correct the situation without causing embarrassment or scandal, I am offering you $100 million dollars cash with no tax liability and the CEO position on the Board of “Americans for America” (or some other appropriately indistinct Do-Good organization) where you will oversee various programs, ostensibly to help America save the polar bears or eliminate plastic straws in our lifetime – whatever. It’s more important than being VP. This position gives you the opportunity to finally DO something for America, unfettered by the chains of politics – and be handsomely compensated for the rest of our life.”

And she WILL accept the offer.

Joe Biden – who’s obviously in on all this (if he remembers) – promptly selects Gavin Newsome to be VP. Granted, his selection must be approved by both Houses of Congress – but who would think for a nanosecond, with the current Democrat majorities, conformation wouldn’t come in a heartbeat?

After sufficient time passes for Newsome to fumigate One Observatory Circle, Biden calls for TV time to address the country, announcing his resignation. He might sheepishly acknowledge his trips, stumbles, falls, gaffs and coughs, blaming the pressures of the job and his advancing age. So, In the interest of serving and protecting America and Americans, he is resigning the office of president effective at midnight, passing the torch, ‘football’, and keys to the oval Men’s Room to Gavin Newsome.

Finito. It is done. No messy campaigns, debates, or voting required.

And Presto! The DNC rids itself of the national embarrassment of Biden-Harris; even the scandal that is Hunter will be gone. Should Republicans actually take over the House and Senate and conduct investigations that bring indictments and criminal charges against any of the Bidens, President Newsome will promptly pardon them all in the best Ford-Nixon tradition.

This may be a new theory, but the basic course of action is not new at all; it’s been done before and in the lifetime of most of you listening.

But let’s face it – it’s just another one of those silly conspiracy theories, spun out by some talking head who’s been spending too much time in the playground of his mind.

OTOH, while I may not be the sharpest knife in the chandelier – you can bet your winning Powerball numbers there are many well-connected and wealthy people who are thinking the same things.

Once upon a time, I wrote, “Time is the sole arbiter between Prescience and Paranoia”.  With the mid-terms fast approaching and the Biden-Harris cruise ship taking on serious water in the ocean of bad polls, if this conspiracy is going to morph into the new reality, we’re gonna know sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned!

By Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is a nationally ignored radio/tv talk show host and occasional un-indicted contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He recently released his fourth book, “50 Stories; 50 Years in Radio”, and is now busily scribbling the screenplay for Book #3 “Watercolor Memories”. With his spare hour, he is focused producing his new podcast “Now For Something Completely Different”, all from his technically challenged studios on the formerly pristine shores of the Great Unnamed Lake, somewhere in the Southeast.

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Featured photo by Office of the Governor of California, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons