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Twitter Asked Who Trump’s VP Should Be, Here’s What People Said

Jack Posobiec is a rising star in conservative circles. He is a senior editor at Human Events, he hosts a growing podcast, he had an impressive showing at this year’s CPAC event, and he has a massive Twitter following. Posobiec reached out to his nearly two million followers with a question we’ve all pondered: Who should be Trump’s running mate in 2024?

The responses were exciting for more than one reason. For starters, there seems to be a consensus among respondents that Trump needs a big-namer with credentials. 

More intriguing, though, was the overwhelming feeling that conservatives have awoken to and tired of politics as usual. No more Romneys and Ryans, no more Pences, and no more career RINO swamp creatures that sell out America and Americans faster than you can say Mao Zedong.

Chief among responses was Ron DeSantis (no surprise), along with other intriguing ideas like Kari Lake, Tulsi Gabbard, Tucker Carlson, Allen West, Mark Robinson, and Candace Owens. What’s amazing about this list is that everyone mentioned is despised and vilified by the left. That means they’re saying and doing something right.

As an additional political bonus, although conservatives don’t care about race or gender representation, it can’t be ignored that three women comprise the top contenders and three blacks do as well (with one overlap for the fiery Owens, who has made no effort to conceal her desires to one day run for high office). 

As much as Democrats might try to portray a candidate as subservient to the patriarchy or just another black face of white supremacy, the optics of a Trump vice presidential candidate possessing certain characteristics would be both a way to win votes away from Democrats but also one more way to poke the corporate media bear. It’s tough to really convince enough regular folks that you’re a racist or misogynist if you run alongside someone owning those traits.

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I don’t think Donald Trump could go wrong with any of these names. Lake might be a political tyro but she packs a walloping punch. Carlson and Owens are both intellectual giants who are unafraid of speaking hard truths. Can you imagine them in a debate against a dunce like Harris? It gives me chills to imagine Cackling Kamala humiliated so gloriously either one, but especially Owens.

Ron DeSantis is obviously a frontrunner pick for many. If not for a likely Trump entrance into the field, it seems like he’s everyone’s second pick and he’d surely win a general election in 2024 after four years of Brandon at the helm. However, just as DeSantis has done with most of Trumpian speech and actions, I’d guess he remains somewhat distant and might even decline an offer to serve – if he were even asked. DeSantis is doing just fine for himself in Florida and would have enough of a winning streak in the Sunshine State to wait until 2028.

Donald Trump won the 2016 GOP nomination and later the 2016 presidential contest for basically one reason: He was an outsider; he wasn’t Jeb from the corrupt Bush family and he was no Hillary from the insidious Clinton clan. Trump resonated with voters because he spoke their language, spoke to their real concerns, and rose up out of a gigantic void for middle America.

It’s imperative he select a running mate who equally resonates with the voting public. No one voted for Trump because of Mike Pence, who only served to moderate the unknown billionaire’ first run for office. Trump is a legend now, and needs no further service from RINOs who would stab him in the back at the first chance.

Whoever Trump picks, he needs to go all in for MAGA and truly commit to making America great again.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.