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We Know It’s Coming, But What Should Be Done? Prepping For The Midterm Pandemic Panic

Anti-liberty leftists think they can do anything they want because they are ‘doing good’, because they are ‘saving the planet’, so they think they have the right to cheat in the midterms.

You know that cheating is the only way they can stave off the defeat they so richly deserve, this is how we can keep an eye on what they are doing.

Sometimes you wonder why certain events happen at certain times.

As this is being written the word chutzpah is the word of the day for the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Maybe that means we all need to pay attention and avoid complacency and overconfidence with what is going to happen this Fall.

We’re well aware that some version of the phrase ‘the most important election of our lifetime’ has gone beyond cliché status by several orders of magnitude. Even the accompanying phrase ‘but this time, this is it!’ has attained an equal level of abuse. However, you would have to have been living under a rock not to know the importance of the next few months in the history of mankind, and no, we did not say that for hyperbole. Because we’re all going to be living under a proverbial rock if things don’t go right.

Does everyone know what is going to happen if we don’t win? The phrase ‘too horrible to contemplate comes to mind’, but we have to keep in mind what will happen if the anti-liberty left manages to cheat their way out of their so richly deserved fate. We’re not going to waste your time discussing this, but that scenario should be in the back of your mind in whatever you do for the next 3 months.

It should go without saying that it’s extremely important to keep up to speed on what is going on these days. Unfortunately, trying to do that is like tapping into a firehose or hydraulic line at full pressure. Especially if you try to keep an eye on the enemies of liberty on the left.

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We’ve found that the site memeorandum with auto-generated summary stories under discussion is a fairly decent ‘radar screen’ in what is going on in the news along with how other sites react to these stories. Needless to say, it heavily favors the nation’s socialist media, but pro-freedom sources such as the Blue State Conservative are occasionally featured. Along with all of the other propaganda organs of the liberticidal left the Hill and Politico, there is a new one Punchbowl News that puts out a newsletter of what’s going on in the ‘Punchbowl’, the Secret Service’s nickname for the Capitol.

You would be eminently correct in asserting that all of those sources are a maddening and headache-inducing echo chamber, such that looking at one will give you a good idea of what is going on with all of them.  It’s always important to see what the nation’s socialist, anti-liberty left is bloviating about, this time around it’s critically important.

We fully understand that most if not all of the time they are either lying or projecting, but usually, it’s a combination of the two. It’s also quite amusing when you consider that they think they’re just cruelly conspiring amongst themselves and they don’t have a clue that there are those of us in the freedom community on the right looking in.

Anti-liberty leftists most likely don’t get outside their echo chambers too often, given that they still believe that Joseph Stalin, the man who dictatorially ruled the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was in fact a ‘betrayer’ of socialist hopes with his reactionary state capitalism. Since reactionary is synonymous with a conservative in authoritarian’s lexicon, that’s a pretty neat trick, or the usual in blatant lies from the fascist far-left, we’ll leave it up to you.

That little claim was ironically from the 1961 Afterword to George Orwell’s 1984 that is still available. That’s not the first the nation’s socialist left has tried to claim socialist regimes were ‘right wing’ and it certainly wasn’t the last.

Getting ready for the midterms means expecting the leftist enemies of democracy to cheat.

We’ve known this for months. We knew that they had to start ginning up the pandemic panic early in August to justify the imposition of mail-in voting. Just like clockwork, Schlong COVID (Monkeypox) is growing into a ‘health crisis’, you’re just not supposed to notice the best way to keep it under control would be to shut down seriously non-essential ‘fetish festivals’ and such.

At the same time, COVID is rearing its ugly head again, along with polio. Who would have guessed this would happen? Well, pretty much everyone on the pro-freedom right. You have to figure that they need some lead time to try and panic people as much as possible. While they will just happen to have all the legislation and infrastructure in place to cheat by mail once again. But remember, all of this is a ‘coincidence’.

We also expected them to come up with some sort of ‘miracle’ reason for a surge in support to somehow explain their ‘come from behind ‘win’.

At present, they’re seeing if the abortion gambit is going to fly. Just as we’re supposed to believe that Joseph Stalin was a ‘conservative’, we’re supposed to believe that everyone is falling for the lies and that they don’t care that we have historic inflation, high gas prices, socialistic supply shortages cropping up and if Brandon hasn’t screwed it up yet, it’s only because he hasn’t gotten around to the issue.

The bottom line in all of this is that you and everyone else have to do your part in conserving the greatest experiment in self-governance that has ever existed. We need to have a new rule that you shouldn’t complain if you’re unwilling to help. Everyone needs to do what they can, applying their G-d given talents to the emergency at hand. Figure out what you can do and take the time to do it. That can be contributing time and talent to pro-freedom Conservative candidates. Many state-level, grassroots organizations need your help. The hope is that the midterms will be a pro-freedom tsunami that will finally see the end of the nation’s anti-liberty, socialist left.

But aside from primary results and polls from their propaganda organs, we won’t know our fate until November 8, and likely with their incessant cheating schemes, not until a few days after.

The last thing you want to do is anything that helps the enemies of liberty of the fascist far-left. That means pointing out to those who may not notice that they’re trying the same old scams again. That means using the proper words to frame the pro-freedom argument against the anti-liberty left. That means not letting them get away with using false labels ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ when we all know they have no interest in liberty or progress. That means getting in the fight to make sure that they can’t complete their dream of destroying democracy.

By D. Parker

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites. Find him on Substack.

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