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LOL: Joe Biden Tries Shaking Hands With Same Person Twice Within Seconds After FORGETTING What He’s Doing [VIDEO]

How many times does Slow Joe need to have a senior moment before enough people finally wake up to his dementia? He’s done the air handshakes multiple times, he’s got too many speaking mishaps to count, and now he’s on camera trying to shake Senator Chuck Schumer’s hands twice within seconds.

Take a look as Brandon displays the memory excellence of a fish:

It’s painful. It’s also completely obvious why he’s still there. He’s pliable and will do the bidding of his evil handlers. Each day that passes is a further reminder that there’s no way in hell 81 million people thought this would be better than Trump. No way.

The Washington Examiner reminded its readers of another recent handshake fiasco with a video from Israel and quote from the White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, proclaiming that Biden’s fitness and vigor were beyond question.

“Tuesday’s handshake mishap is not the first time Biden has appeared to wait for a handshake, as he seemingly turned to shake hands with no one after a speech in Tel Aviv, Israel, last month.

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Biden, who will turn 80 in November, is the oldest U.S. president ever elected, prompting concerns from both Republicans and Democrats about his physical and mental fitness for office in the event he seeks a second term.”

The fact that Nancy Pelosi wanted to exercise the 25th amendment for Donald Trump was also clearly another effort to gaslight the stupid American public. It’s just as it was for the Russian collusion hoax, the narrative being used on Trump that he’s a threat to democracy, and pretty much everything else spewed by globalist stooges. 

She and her Democrat allies pretended that Trump was unfit, which meant the conversation wouldn’t have to come up again for Biden. It’s an insult to the country, all of us, and the notion of a free republic to keep Biden in office. To be sure, it’s not that I want Kamala Harris at the helm, but at this point our nation is similar to a raging addict. We have to hit rock bottom before we can recover.

We might as well get Kamala and be done with all of this.

The best part about a Kamala Harris presidency is that she wouldn’t have any senility to blame. That’s no doubt part of the calculus here. So long as the White House is inhabited by a corrupt old fool, they can write off any and all of his disastrous policy decisions as being the fault of Alzheimer’s rather than the fault of a talentless mistress who has slept and failed her way so spectacularly to the top over the course of her career.

It remains to be seen who the Democrats will race in 2024. Joe might want to, but the voting public won’t stand for it, and no matter how much cheating takes place he isn’t coming back. Kamala Harris will get dropped like a bad habit and is now too close to Biden that she’s also likely out. Remember, no one wanted her the first time.

Will Hillary come back? Michelle and the Obamas? What a disaster.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

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