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BOOM! Polls Show Texas Governor Abbott’s Immigrant Busing To DC and NYC Is Shifting Public Opinion

During the runup to his 2016 presidential election victory, former President Donald Trump made illegal immigration and border security one of the primary aspects of his campaign’s platform. He would frequently encourage chants of “Build the Wall” at his rallies, and he wasn’t shy about calling out the problems America was facing due to the border crisis. Put simply: Donald Trump was the face of the “Tighten Immigration” movement. That is… until now.

Though Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey has also been vocal in addressing the out-of-control influx of immigrants over our southern border, and even though Ducey has taken similar steps to curtail the flood, it is Texas Governor Greg Abbott who has been the most prominent in the debate and who has received much of the media attention as a result.

After his pleas for federal relief from the burden the migrants were placing oh his state continually fell on deaf ears, Abbott has been sending scores of busloads full of illegal immigrants northward to blue cities since April. Initially, Democratic mayors such as Eric Adams of New York and Muriel Bowser in Washington D.C. had lectured Ducey and Abbot to be tolerant and compassionate to the immigrants. But now that both cities are finding the immigrants landing on their own doorstep, they are now attacking the two governors.

The face of the counter-immigration movement is no longer Donald Trump, for now. The new face of the movement is Greg Abbott. And not only is Abbott winning the debate against Adams and Bowser, he also appears to be having a major impact over public opinion on the matter across the country.

According to Forbes:

“Support for immigration has hit a two-year low, according to a new Gallup poll released Monday, as a political battle heats up over Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s strategy to send migrants from the Mexican border to Washington D.C. and New York City.

27% of respondents said immigration should be expanded, marking a downward shift from a peak of 34% that supported increasing immigration in 2020 and breaking a 65-year steady rise in support for immigration, according to the poll of 1,013 people conducted between July 5 and July 26.

38% said immigration numbers should decrease, up from 28% in 2020, while 31% believe it should be kept at the present level.”

As Rush Limbaugh might say, “For those of you in Rio Linda, let’s summarize that math.” In only two years. The opinions regarding immigration have virtually reversed. The poll shows that support for expanding immigration has declined by 7%, whereas support for decreasing immigration has increased by 10%. That’s a whopping 17% shift in public opinion in only two years. The drop in support for immigration has declined almost as sharply as President Joe Biden’s approval rating.

So, what is the cause? Why has there been such a dramatic turnaround? Abbott’s maneuver with the immigrant buses has resulted in two notable results. First, his busing of the illegal immigrants to the northeast has heightened awareness of the problem with the overall electorate by illustrating that it’s not just a Texas and Arizona problem. It’s a problem for the whole country and one that affects all of us.

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But more importantly, Abbott’s buses have exposed the Democrats. The “not in my backyard” responses from Bowser and Adams have highlighted their hypocrisy. They destroy their credibility when they pooh-pooh the problem and preach about compassion when it’s a problem from 1,500 miles away, and then throw a hissy fit when it lands in their lap. Greg Abbott’s idea to ship the migrants to NYC and DC was a masterstroke, and the poll numbers are showing its brilliance.

Finally, note that the language of the polls reflects immigration in general. There’s no mention of “illegal” immigration, it’s just plain old “immigration.” Which begs the question: What type of seismic shift is happening in the country regarding the issue of illegal immigration? Once again, things are looking worse and worse for our friends on the left.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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