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Republicans, The Midterms, And 2024: A Reality Check

In a recent Mises Institute piece, “Is Joe Biden The Future Or The End Of The Democratic Party?”, Christopher Paige wrote:

“I struggle to believe that the Democrats can find a new reason to exist after spending decades running on how to spend the limitless sums of government money that they believed they could spend”.

With respect, struggling with credulity in locating a new Democrat “reason to exist” is a phenomenal waste of time and talent; raison d’être bothers liberals, not a wit. Credible writers such as Mollie Hemingway’s Rigged have assembled hard evidence the integrity of the mid-term elections is already prepped to vanish. NYC had a preview recently when several precincts failed to open on time and/or couldn’t locate Republican ballots.

As noted often on these pages – indeed, throughout our history – politicians, ‘parties’, their subsidized NGOs, and self-venerated orgs (RNC, DNC et al) are terminally addicted to Power and Control over this country and every aspect of our lives.

Biden’s ‘stumble bum’ persona notwithstanding, he and the Ds have it all right now. Especially with the recent SCOTUS decisions, the suggestion Democrats ‘need a reason to exist’ and will leave their agenda to something as easily hacked (as they’ve already proven) as voting should be incomprehensible to observant individuals who have been carefully watching the show develop.

Simply put: the Democrats don’t need a new reason when they have all the old ones, plus one leftover from the Last Time: Rig it. Republicans have certainly not ballyhooed some newfound intelligence, awareness, or guts to prepare for the re-run.

They’re languishing on the beach, daydreaming the MAGA crowd, disillusioned Independents and the Newly Converted Ds to Rs will be behind that Red Wave on which they will surf back into Swamp Power – and, if history provides a clue, they will squander every opportunity, remain stone deaf to their constituents and gently doggy-paddle the Biden agenda to a media-safe political atoll, waiting for 2024 when a Republican presidential messiah will appear to guarantee their offices, pensions and Reserved Parking spaces for few more years.

What is your plan?

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By Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is a nationally ignored talk show host and occasional un-indicted co-contributor. He recently released his fourth book, “50 Stories; 50 Years in Radio”, now busily scribbling an unlikely screenplay for Book #3. With his spare hour, he is focused on splitting the atom and pursuing the ever-elusive Whirled Peas, all from his technically challenged studios on the formerly pristine shores of the Great Unnamed Lake, allegedly in the Southeast. Brian is also a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.

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