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The Tyrannical Mar-a-Lago Raid: Moses and Hammurabi Must Be Laughing

Why can’t the city police (of whatever jurisdiction Mar-a-Lago is in) arrest those thugs and burglars who broke into Donald Trump’s home? They ransacked, stole, assaulted (via forcing people outside), and generally acted outside and in violation of the law.

Just because they wear their stupid little outfits with “FBI” or “Justice” or any number of, department of whatever jackets and shirts, and can hold an AR-15 or dress in black does not make them any less of a thug when they commit a crime. And, anyway, why do we have to pay for their damn clothes? If they want a clothing allowance, join the Army or Navy. They’d fit right in with the crass brass there.

Of course, the media, pundits, politicians, and the general informational/bureaucratic ilk of Washington use the usual babble and blather of “no one is above the law.”  In the first place, they don’t believe it and in the second place, they don’t believe it.  They are like the “Hole in the wall gang”; they gather around and among each other in their hole (Washington) and jabber among their unlettered selves about how they’re robbing the people (like trains) because they want to serve the people. They also serve who only sit and rob? This so-called public service should provide a question on any bar exam: “Public Service is one of the following: 1. BS 2. HS 3. Just plain crap 4. Possibly all of the above.

And make no mistake, the media and pundits are of the same “Hole in the wall.”

But, again where are the arrests? Who broke the law?  I hate to use this tired old bromide: “It’s not rocket science.”  But, hell it’s not even sixth-grade science. It’s more like contemporary progressive “climate” science. That is, no science.  Therefore, reductio ad Absurdum, R.A.A., the government broke the law. The government broke the law via breaking- and-entering and violating such robbing and assault laws as exist in every community.

Think not? Warrant or not, the property is still under private ownership and the owner decides who comes and goes apart from any legal process servers. A legitimate warrant (assuming it was) allows a search for (supposedly) specified items. It cannot, by law, order the owner, or his guest to leave. By law, again, if the warrant is legal and legally served, no one on the premises can interfere with the search. But observation is not interference—unless the observation is of the warrant servers performing sneaky and illegal acts, in which case the servers ALWAYS claim “national security” or some such national crap.

For the “my opinion” record, the government and its agencies are the sneakiest of the so-called craft of public servants.  I would not trust the government to tell me from which direction the sun comes up (or goes down).

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My guess is that nothing will come of this. Conservatives (those on the trains) are too few. Many people are indeed angered. But the Democrats, which includes MSNBC, CNN, et al will follow their own well-known bromide of “Tell a lie long enough…” while the genius Republican ilk such as Mitch McConnell, Tim Scott, Nicki Haley, and the likes of Texas’s own John (JOHN WAYNE) Cornyn will act indignant (heavy on ACT) while the Trump followers and the really down South conservatives will get greased again.

The problem is that those people who are truly and righteously angry have been sold for decades the “national public education” tripe of history on the so-called and fictitious idea of a “Shining City on a Hill.”  This is the vomit vision!

They were never taught what Tomas Paine meant with: “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

Nor, they certainly were never taught why the man, Patrick Henry, who said “Give me liberty or give me death,” said a dozen years later when refusing to attend the Constitutional Convention: “I smell a rat.”

Yep, those worthless thugs at the FBI are the ones who should be arrested. But it ain’t going to happen.

Now get ready for some real thugs: The IRS is on the way!

By Paul Yarbrough

Paul Yarbrough is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

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