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YIKES: An MSNBC Contributor And A Former CIA Director Suggest Execution For Trump

Consider what we currently know about Monday’s FBI raid on former President Trump’s private residence Mar-a-Lago, which isn’t much. We know that a warrant was approved by a judge who has donated to Democratic Party politicians. We know the justification from the FBI has been weak at best, explaining that they believe Trump had brought confidential documents with him on his way out of the White House in January of last year. And we know that the raid was the first of its kind in the 233 years since our Constitution was ratified.

Other than those facts, and a few others of less significance, we have far more questions than answers at this point, but that hasn’t stopped some pundits from going to over-the-top. And in some cases, way over-the-top.

There have certainly been some on the right who have gone hyperbolic in denouncing the raid, with suggestions of civil war and the targeting of FBI personnel. But those ideas aren’t being pushed by major news channels. Dangerously radical rhetoric from leftists, however, is being thrown out on mainstream media news channels such as MSNBC.

According to Fox News:

“MSNBC contributor and historian Michael Beschloss posted a tweet on Thursday evening recounting historical figures who had been executed for sharing U.S. nuclear secrets with foreign governments, and a former CIA chief shared the post with his own approving tweet.”

“The tweet [by Beschloss] caught the attention of former director of both the National Security Agency and the CIA, Michael Hayden. Hayden, who is also a retired four-star Air Force general and whose tenure in the intelligence agencies happened under former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, commented on Beschloss’s post.”

While there have been accusations that the nature of the documents Trump brought with him to Florida include content relating to top-secret nuclear weapon technology, that idea has been promoted by a Washington Post article that appears to be almost exclusively speculation. So, let’s follow the logic:

Trump took documents that the Biden Administration and FBI feel that he shouldn’t have. The FBI got a warrant signed by a pro-Obama judge, and they sent in 30+ agents to raid Trump’s house, the first time in American history that such authoritarianism has taken place. A far-left news outlet named the Washington Post promoted the notion that included in those documents was nuclear secrets. And the geniuses Beschloss and Hayden went even further and suggested that Trump was sharing those secrets with foreign enemies.

All these two experts have is innuendo and speculation, yet that’s not enough. They have to add treason to a totally fabricated equation. They’re connecting dots that don’t even exist and then creating new dots out of thin air to insert into the discussion. It’s reckless, disturbing, and crazy. We’re looking at Russia-gate 3.0… or is it 4.0?

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But this situation also fits a pattern. For whatever reason, Donald J. Trump trips a switch in the minds of so many leftists. The mere mention of his name sucks all reason and rationality from their brains: Trump Derangement Syndrome, indeed. Mr. Beschloss attended both Williams and Harvard, so we can assume he’s not a moron, and Hayden’s academic record is impressive as well. But this phenomenon isn’t about intellect, it’s about mental instability.

From Russian collusion to Ukraine quid pro quo to January 6th insurrection, TDS is clearly an affliction that is as durable as COVID, if not more so. As we move forward and continue to show our support for Mr. Trump, let’s remember the mindset of the people we’re dealing with on the other side of the debate, and that is a mindset without a mind.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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Featured photo of Michael Beschloss courtesy of LBJ Library from Austin, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons