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“The Case Against Affirmative Action”: Kamala Harris Hilariously WRECKED By Media [WATCH]

Eddie Scarry, an author at The Federalist, appeared on Fox News and utterly wrecked Kamala Harris, noting her man flaws and hilariously joking that she was “the case against affirmative action” because of both how bad she is and how she only has her job because she managed to convince people that someone of her race and gender was needed because of “diversity.”

Speaking on that point, Scarry, noting the real lesson that the Democrats need to draw from the horrific Kamala Harris, said:

“Sure. If there’s anything the Democratic Party should take away from this, Kamala Harris is about affirmative action. She was hired because of who her identity is. It’s not worked out. She’s the case against affirmative action.

Watch him say that here:

So very true. If there were ever an example of why merit should matter far, far more than any “diversity” box getting checked, it’s cackling Kamala Harris and her brain, which seems somehow smoother than Brandon’s.

But that wasn’t all that Scarry had to say about cackling Kamala. He also noted that, while Joe is a disaster, the fact that Kamala is next in line makes things very awkward for the Democrats, who know that she can’t possibly be allowed to be president because she is just too awful.

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Speaking on that, Scarry said:

I think that the Kamala Harris question is the biggest question within the Democratic Party and all of Washington. I genuinely mean that. I think that they’re all – all the – all the operatives, all the democratic leaders are thinking to themselves, what are we going to do?

“They know Joe Biden should not and probably cannot run again in 2024. His presidency has been a disaster. So then presumably it’s supposed to be the vice president will be next in line.

“She’s supposed to be the natural fit for the next nominee. They know that can’t happen. She’s not a fit for the job. She can’t speak. She shirks her responsibilities. She complains that the job she’s been given is too hard. So I think that really the – at the top of their minds, the forefront of their minds, really among the Democratic Party in Washington, how do we convince her not to run?

“I don’t think they can do it. She’ll have to look in the mirror herself and say, you know what, this isn’t working out, and quietly disappear, but I don’t see that happening.

How horrifying is it that the “leader of the free world” and person in charge of the most powerful military and economy on Earth could be chosen simply because she’s black and a woman, particularly given that even Democrats wouldn’t vote for her in a primary because she was too horrible?

If that thought and the shiver it sends down your spine isn’t enough to show people the evils of affirmative action, I don’t know what is.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics