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“Do NOT Go See That Movie”: Black Woman Has Crazy Message To Whites About Black Panther Sequel

Imagine if the person on the video below stated the following:

“This message is to all black people. Do not go to the NHL game in your hometown. Black people do not belong in hockey. If you cared about us, you’d let us have our white northern European tradition and leave us in peace. You can have the NBA and NFL, but this is ours.”

Aside from sounding absurd, ignorant, stupid, and racist, if the purveyor of that video were identified they would effectively be locked out of society. Bird-Watching Lady got canned and shouted off social media after a black man instigated and filmed an interaction with her. Country music sensation Morgan Wallen was canceled for drunkenly shouting the dreaded N-word (his fans punched back and awarded him several awards despite his music being pulled from the radio).

If someone made that statement, it would obviously be flagged as racist. Wanting to segregate on the basis of race is definitionally racist.

That statement is also dumb. Read it again. You can’t go to a hockey game because it’s a white northern European tradition? First of all, unless you’re a college-educated leftist white people don’t talk about themselves as white. Identifying by your skin color is as pointless as it is dehumanizing. The beauty of living in a diverse world is that we get exposed to lots of sports, foods, ideas, cultures, and everything else that we get to draw from. It enriches our life. So, by all means, enjoy hockey, everyone.

But…no one talks like that in the white-to-black direction for the myriad reasons described. It’s hypothetical. However, people DO talk like that when it’s in the socially-acceptable, black-to-white direction.

Just in case someone actually wanted to see the Black Panther sequel, despite the fact the first one wasnt even good and now doesn’t have the main actor from before, this deranged lady has strong opinions about “white folk”:

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“This message Is to all our would-be accomplices and white allies. This message is to all the white people who have BLM in their bios.

If you really want to prove to black people that you love us and you care about us and you are down for the cause: Do not go see that movie opening weekend

You buy your ticket, you give it to a black person or a black family who can’t afford to go. And then you go sit at that theater in front of the doors.

You make sure that every black person in that theater can enjoy that movie in peace. You make sure that you use your body to block us from anybody who would be coming in that theater to do us harm. That is your job .

You can go see it on another weekend.Go see it on the second or third weekend. But that first weekend, that’s for us. To do anything other than this is anti-black.”

This woman is vile. As Brandon Tatum stated on another video, of course she looks that way too. The big (presumably fake) glasses, the grungy hair – it all fits the nasty personality of the thing behind the camera.

The good news for her is that Black Panther movies are terrible and most people will likely stay home anyways.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

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Featured image: William Tung from USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons