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National Socialist Media Minions Are Now The Propaganda Parrots For The Anti-liberty Left

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National socialist media minions are now the propaganda parrots for the Anti-liberty left.

There was a time when the media at least tried to sound objective and balanced, those days are long gone.

What would we do without the national socialist media?

What would we do if they could not decree what is the truth (whatever they say) and what is fiction (whatever we say)?

What would we do if they couldn’t fact-check themselves to confirm they are always correct (spoiler alert: They are, each and every time, just ask them)

After all, they are the guardians of democracy, the paragons of politics. The last line of defense against the pro-freedom far-right taking over, restraining the government, and enacting our evil plot to leave everyone alone.

Shouldn’t we celebrate their tireless efforts to make sure we’ve heard the same story over and over and over again?

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It takes a lot of effort to prop up ‘President’ Biden and his Keystone cop cabinet. Writing the same tired news story but trying to make it sound like something different: Biden suddenly is piling up wins, Biden begins his victory lap, Biden Is on a Roll, Inside Biden’s hot streak, a Victory of Biden, and a Bet on America’s Future, With a spring in his step, Biden heads for vacation, and Democrats try a new campaign strategy — getting things done.

Think about the risks they are taking in pushing all that pathetic propaganda and how they look in the process.

The only thing worse would be a video of their spewing virtually the same talking points about the Mar-a-Lago raid, oh wait:


You almost get the impression this was their little ‘August surprise’ coordinating the Mar-a-Lago raid with Biden’s massive vote buying with other people’s money move. Look at all the stories from the anti-liberty left’s foremost propaganda organs, and you’ll see another common theme, a carry-over from last week’s cacophony of collectivist carping. Trying to make Biden’s ‘win’ bigger than it seems and playing the same ‘walls closing in’ as before, on President Trump.

Biden, Democrats plan grand celebration next month of Inflation Reduction Act. (stand by for a new definition of the term ‘inflation’ in BidenSpeak aka BS). How Democrats could actually come out on top in the midterms.

This story from the Guardian has been run under two different headlines to double the impact:

Has the Republican midterm ‘red wave’ crested? The Republican party has reason to fear the midterms.

We could have this go on forever because we now have a two-tiered media system, much like our two-tiered justice system. But we leave you with one more vacuous headline and story that shows the national socialist media is scraping the bottom of the barrel, looking for something they can use to promote the dear leader since they have nothing else: The Return of Aviator Joe, President Biden is back after Covid, vacation and legislative victories, and so are his shades.

Operation Mockingbird: MSM Caught Reading EXACT Same Script About FBI’s Trump Raid

By D Parker

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites. Find him on Substack.

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