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The Crumbling Of The Economy Accelerates – Is It Any Wonder?

The USA is on the edge of bankruptcy which might not be a bad thing.

All because Woodrow Wilson, the Puritan could not keep his zipper up.  Were his nights of passion worth the destruction of our country? The lawyer Samuel Untermeyer was able to use blackmail to heavily influence Wilson and thereby the course of the US and world history on behalf of Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg, the Wall Street bankers. They had lent money to Britain for World War One.  By buying British war bonds for their own banks and the Federal Reserve the future of the US financial system was at stake.  Our boys were sent forth to rescue our financial class.

A different economic foundation of the country would consist of the elimination of a tiny group of private citizens having controlling interest over their fellows’ money and lives.  The Fed has a record of nothing but failure for the past 100 years except for insider trading by members and a few people who are able to rent a congressman.  Andrew Jackson was correct as usual, the Federal Reserve should be eliminated.

The current strangling of the middle class through inflation is the last gasp of the Fed system. The corruption of congress can easily be observed with the 32 trillion in debt owed to bondholders around the world.  Since the Wall Street crowd has no restraint upon their actions, the system they created is operated for their benefit.  The century-long history of bank losses created from insider greed are immediately repaid by the taxpayers.  Profits of course are kept under the bed out of sight.

A century of devaluation of our wealth is the result of Woody Wilson’s woody. The current life jacket of the Fed is the petrodollar which has been attacked twice, once by Saddam Hussein and once by Muammar Gaddafi.  They wanted to use gold or the Euro to evade the tyranny of Wall Street and look what they received.  Today’s necessary changes will be more difficult to implement as unfortunately China and Russia have nuclear weapons.

It is always amazing how the Chinese shamelessly copy every phase of our civilization. The Belt and Road plan is another cheap knockoff of the American Fed empire system.  We started our world financing program during WW1 and have extended it ever since by using the military to back our alleged munificence.  The program was first identified by Smedley Butler in the Central American states in the 1930s.  Eisenhower made the term MIC famous and it has extended itself to the present.  However now Boeing gets its’ checks through the US taxpayer as there is competition from arms manufacturers in other countries.  Instead of making money for the US through banks and the MIC worldwide by selling guns, taxpayers now underwrite the system that is growing exponentially through the “national security” scam. Apparently, Ukraine has become essential to our national security. Billions of tax dollars are spent to support Raytheon and their lobbyists and congressmen through Ukraine. The financial system has many such tentacles extending across the globe with taxpayer support, which is its’ only hope for survival.

Why do corporations genuflect to the left wing screaming porkers?  Many of them have experienced a significant amount of lost business after their announcements of this new policy.  No reasonable director would vote to reduce his sales by 50%.  The answer is the Wall Street set again.  Many of these firms want to borrow significant amounts of money for various reasons during the year.  The banks have begun requiring the ESG formula to be a ruling factor regarding their loan portfolios. If the corporations wish to receive a loan, they have to accept these conditions. This is the latest attempt for total domination of the society.  This does not need to be law, only an understanding among the financiers.  Only large companies can afford the ESG system to research each product.  It is another attempt to strangle small business.  Small business is much more difficult to manipulate than global corporations and therefore should be eliminated according to our betters.

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Yuval Harari of WEF/Wall Street group says there are too many people who are unproductive or useless who do not contribute and should be eliminated.  Do we need another historian or sociologist or philosopher? Perhaps he should volunteer for the camps. Depopulation is the goal of the WEF as is being shown in Holland and this simpleton let the cat out of the bag.  Unfortunately most people will either not hear of the plan or disbelieve it.  The financial dissolution will leave little time to argue, only time to weep.

Andrew Jackson call home!

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

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