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Taunting Tater: Fired CNN Host Brian Stelter Gets Hilarious Sendoffs

When it comes to examples of leftwing bias in the mainstream media, there is perhaps no better example than former CNN host Brian Stelter.

Most of the clowns on MSNBC don’t pretend to be neutral and will come right out and admit their leftism. The broadcast networks’ talking heads are much more subtle and have therefore become adept at hiding their affiliations with the Democratic Party. And, of course, outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post have scores of ‘journalists’ who would give Stelter a run for their far-left money, but we’re not forced to see their big heads on TV screens when walking through an airport.

Indeed, when evaluating which mainstream media personality best exemplifies leftwing, on-air activism, the only one besides Stelter who is even in the conversation is Stelter’s former CNN colleague Don Lemon. So, when CNN finally decided to pull the trigger and send the ratings-depleted and credibility-challenged Stelter packing, it was only a matter of time before the right-wing trolls came howling for Stelter. And come they did.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, who is dominating the ratings for late-night TV, gave us this gem:

Considering Gutfeld has more viewers on a bad night than Stelter ever had, that one had to particularly hurt.

Not to be outdone, the Babylon Bee, from who we’ve come to expect excellence in rightwing satirical trolling, did not disappoint. Their initial statement was vintage Bee, when CEO Seth Dillion explained:

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But this headline and ‘story’ was the coup de grace: “Stelter Forced Out At CNN After Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Mrs. Potato Head.” Bravo, Babylon Bee.

Other notable and clever tweets included the following:

Feel sorry for Brian Stelter if you must, but for the rest of us, let’s just enjoy the moment and savor his misery. Is that the moral, compassionate approach? No, but we can ask for forgiveness tomorrow.

By Jordan Case

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