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Desperate Disney: Financial Fall For Once-Great Corporation Is Forcing Drastic Steps

There are certain images and names that, when viewed or imagined, immediately scream “America!” Brands such as Coca-Cola and Levi’s certainly fit this bill, as do McDonald’s and  Major League Baseball. But there is arguably no brand that is more iconic of America and our culture than that of the Walt Disney Company. Whether it’s images of characters such as Donald Duck, or the mere silhouette of Mickey Mouse’s ears, or even old photos of the great Walt Disney himself, people around the globe immediately associate Disney and its brand with us: America.

It is for this reason that the hideous transformation of the Disney Company from a financial powerhouse founded in traditional American values into a radically woke shell of its former self is particularly sad. Walt Disney’s vision for his company was magnificent, and his philosophy and business model have changed millions of lives for the better over the past almost century.

The Disney downfall not only continues, it appears to be accelerating, and the company’s financial struggles are almost certainly attributable, to at least some extent, to its continuing commitment to wokeness and complete rejection of the values that drove its’ earlier successes.

According to Knewz:

“Prices for the Disneyland Magic Key program will now vary from $449 and $1,599, up from $399 to $1,399 last year, according to the California amusement park’s website.

Disneyland is upping its prices for its four tiers: $449 Imagine Key, $699 Enchant Key, $1,099 Believe Key and the brand-new $1,599 Inspire Key. The Dream Key has been replaced by the Inspire Key and is no longer an option.”

“Stock in Disney has gone down about 20 percent so far this year. Disneyland is upping its price as it has been accused of being “woke” after omitting controversial founder Walk Disney’s opening-day speech as part of its 67th anniversary, according to the New York Post.”

Disney’s wokeness and subsequent financial troubles have been well-documented here at The Blue State Conservative, yet the company’s leadership appears hellbent on staying the course. With a plummeting stock price, one might assume shareholders would become vocal enough to get the attention of Disney decision-makers and perhaps force their hand to backtrack on their “not-so-secret gay agenda,” but we’ve seen no evidence to suggest such a shift.

In the very first edition of The Blue State Conservative’s list of ‘Woke Companies to Avoid,’ the Walt Disney Company was enshrined at #7. That list was published over 18 months ago, yet here we are, with the tone-deaf company doubling down once again. After the global backlash from the recent same-sex kissing scene in the Buzz Lightyear film “Lightyear,” a movie that was a tremendous financial flop incidentally, Disney hasn’t adjusted, they’ve become even more focused on radical wokeness.

It’s never been cheap to take a visit to Disney – regardless of if your destination choice is Anaheim,  Orlando, or even Paris – but in the past, we could at least take comfort in knowing we’d be supporting wholesomeness as we drain our bank accounts. But that tradeoff is no longer the case. Go to Disneyland and shell out the extra bucks they just demanded, and you’ll be funding more in-your-face wokeness.

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There are plenty of options we all have nowadays when deciding how to spend disposable income. Our entertainment-designated dollars can be spent with a variety of options, and many of which won’t be used to indoctrinate children. So, as Nancy Reagan might say if she were still around, when it comes to forking over your hard-earned cash to amuse yourself or your kids, “Just say no” to the Walt Disney Company.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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Featured photo by Joel Sutherland on Unsplash, image has been cropped.