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Retired FBI Agent Demands: Christopher Wray Must be Fired – Part II

[Editor’s note: This essay is part #2 of a 3-part series. We will be publishing part #3 tomorrow. To read part #1, please click here.]

On August 8, 2022, the FBI raided President Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago looking for some of Trump’s classified work-product documents, or secret nuclear documents, or whatever.  Never before has the FBI invaded an ex-president’s residence looking for his work-related documents…something that stumbling, mumbling Joe Biden will ever have to worry about after he’s led out of the White House for the last time by his assigned Guardian Angel.  J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI would never think of raiding Eisenhower’s farm at Gettysburg, PA; William Session’s FBI would never think of raiding Reagan’s Bel Air, CA residence, or either of the two Bush’s Texas residences.  Louie Freeh’s FBI didn’t even raid the Clinton’s Chappaqua residence after they absconded with $190,000 worth of China, rugs, flatware, and other White House furnishings.

But, Christopher Wray’s FBI hasn’t been shy about investigating allegations against former President Donald Trump, even if there’s no basis in fact, or is the result of a dispute about what should or should not be given to the national archives.  However, on the other hand, Wray’s FBI has gone out its way to avoid investigating illegal actions by Democrats and their fellow travelers.

Refusal to Investigate Certain Violations of Federal Law:

*  On January 28, 2018, before the Council on Foreign Relations, Joe Biden bragged how he once threatened to withhold $1 billion in authorized military aid to Ukraine unless the former President of Ukraine “fired” the prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt energy conglomerate, Burisma, with whom Biden’s son, Hunter, was being paid $84,000 per month to serve on the Board of Directors.  For some, this is referred to as a quid pro quo.  For most, it is known as extortion.  When called on it, Biden claimed the Ukrainian prosecutor was corrupt.  Given that this was in Ukraine and the prosecutor was Ukrainian, Biden’s claim may or may not have merit.  What is not in dispute, the prosecutor was fired, the investigation of Burisma ceased and Hunter Biden kept his lucrative position on the Burisma board.

*  A laptop computer belonging to Hunter Biden left abandoned at a Delaware repair shop was found to contain evidence of criminal activity with National Security implications by Biden family members, including Joe “The Big Guy” Biden.  It was turned over to the FBI in December 2019 and the computer repairman was told to “say nothing about this.”  However, in October 2020, after no investigation appeared to be forthcoming, the repairman caused a copy of the hard drive to be made available to the New York Post.  The Post published some of the hard drive contents.  They were harshly criticized, their Twitter account was closed, and the mainstream media dutifully parroted Wray’s statement that the hard drive was “Russian disinformation.”  But, now that the election is over and Biden is residing in the White House, Wray and the news media acknowledge the Biden laptop is not “Russian disinformation” and concerns over the contents are real.  Nevertheless, to the best of my knowledge, Wray’s FBI still is conducting no investigation into this matter that has National Security (Peoples Republic of China) implications and, if they are investigating, you can be sure it will be slow-walked until Biden is of no further use to the Democrats.

*  During the summer of 2020, members of Black Lives Matter, a Marxist front, and Antifa, a nationwide group of anarchists posing as anti-fascists but employing fascist tactics, rioted in cities across the country engaging in acts of looting, vandalism, deaths, and destruction of private businesses and government property at an estimated cost upwards of $2 billion.  Regardless, few of those responsible were arrested, and none were placed in solitary confinement, or denied bail.  Vice Presidential Candidate Harris even led an effort to raise bail money for any BLM or Antifa anarchists who may have been arrested.

In the Spring 2021, Wray participated in a “virtual interview” (a few pre-written questions and responses with no chance of follow-up) with the FBI ex-agent’s association.  In response to a question concerning what the FBI was doing with respect to the 2020 BLM and Antifa riots and attacks against a Federal building in Portland, Oregon, Wray claimed that FBI attempts to identify the perpetrators had been frustrated because “the lead actors wore masks and acted under cover of darkness.”  How pathetic and embarrassing an answer was that!  Even though the rioting in Portland continued nightly for weeks, it never occurred to Wray’s FBI to deploy SWAT teams, in concert with local authorities, to affect the arrests of those responsible, while in the act, and put a stop to the carnage.  But, what would you expect from a Director who told a congressional committee on September 17, 2020, that “Antifa is an ideology, not an organization.”  It’s strange how that “ideology” always seems to show up, dressed in black from head to toe, just before the rioting and destruction commences.  And Wray’s FBI was impotent to put a stop to it.

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*  Conversely, Wray had no qualms about deploying more than 20 FBI agents, including SWAT teams, during the early morning hours of January 25, 2019, to affect the arrest of one 66-year-old pajama-clad Roger Stone who, presumably, wasn’t “wearing a mask and acting under cover of darkness.”  Stone had no prior criminal record or reason to be considered armed and dangerous or a flight risk.  To achieve maximum effect, a CNN television news crew had been given prior notice and was on hand to record the event.  Stone had been indicted the previous day by a Federal Grand Jury, not for collusion with the Russians, but on five counts of false statements, including lying to Congress (just as what Wray and his FBI colleagues have done).  In earlier years, before the Bureau was politicized and weaponized, in a case such as this with a defendant having no prior record and who posed no threat, and was not a flight risk, a self-surrender arrangement would have been negotiated between the prosecutor and defense attorney.  But, not in Wray’s FBI where 20 heavily armed agents and a SWAT team were required to arrest one 66-year-old man in his pajamas in the presence of his frightened, deaf wife.

To be fair, it appears that it was Andrew Weissmann, Robert Mueller’s pit bull, who requested the early morning raid to affect Stone’s arrest and who probably tipped off CNN of the pending arrest, but it was Wray’s FBI who carried out the raid and no Bureau official has been reprimanded or disciplined for authorizing such an abuse of power.

*  Democrats and their public relations firm, also known as the mainstream media, continue to refer to allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election as “The Big Lie.”  However, speaking during a “Crooked Media” podcast on October 24, 2020 (just 10 days prior to the election), Joe Biden boasted how his campaign put together the most extensive voter fraud program in the history of American politics.  They certainly did!

Dinesh D’Souza, in conjunction with True the Vote, has produced a documentary, “2000 Mules”, using geo-tracking technology and government surveillance videos to show how unidentified persons were trafficking tens and hundreds of thousands of untraceable votes dropped into voter drop boxes over a period of weeks in certain key precincts of five swing states that undoubtedly altered the 2020 election results.  Regardless of very credible evidence depicted in the documentary, Wray’s FBI has shown no interest in investigating these allegations of widespread voter fraud which are in violation of Title 52 U.S. Code, Section 20511(2)(a) and (b).  D’Souza and True the Vote technicians have gone as far as they can to show how widespread election fraud took place.  Now, it’s up to law enforcement authorities to further identify, interview, and prosecute those responsible for trafficking illegal ballots, but don’t hold your breath.  What can constitute a more serious threat to a democracy than a fraudulent election?  But, Wray’s FBI can’t be bothered with that.

*  On January 6, 2021, following a Trump rally on the ellipse in Washington, DC, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters walked up to the Capitol to “peacefully make their voices heard” protesting what they believed was a stolen election.  Many who entered the Capitol building did so at the invitation of Capitol police or the encouragement of suspected government provocateurs and were subsequently identified and arrested weeks later at their homes.  One unarmed female military veteran, who posed no threat, was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer with other officers standing directly behind her and no charges were filed.

A relatively small number of protesters committed minor acts of vandalism and were subsequently arrested.  Contrary to how BLM and Antifa rioters were treated in the Summer of 2020, many of those arrested at the Capitol were denied due process and a speedy trial (violation of the sixth amendment), denied bail (violation of the eighth amendment), and have been incarcerated for over a year, many in solitary confinement, in what has been described as deplorable conditions.  Without a doubt, there have been civil rights violations under the color of law but Wray’s FBI has shown no interest in investigating that.

Make no mistake about it, our rights and freedoms as guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States are under assault and Christopher Wray and his FBI are in the forefront of that attack.  As long as Wray remains Director of the FBI, the Bureau will continue to degenerate and will never regain respect and credibility with the American people.  Christopher Wray must be fired.

By Quentin Smith

Quentin Smith is a military veteran and retired FBI Special Agent who served in the Bureau for nearly 29 years and now lives in Idaho.     

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