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Federal Tyranny And Its Limitless Possibilities: Who’s Next?

Insolent help and what to do about it.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) had his phone stolen by the FBI. It was later returned, odd that they did not have it tapped or maybe their personnel are incompetent as well as criminal.  This was an illegal act. Next Comey lied about an appointment and went to vacation on his government plane instead of continuing reporting to congress and testified he knew nothing, a la Sargent Schultz of Hogans’ Hero’s fame.  The kicker is that he will get away with it.

The FBIs’ bottom line broadcast to all is do not support Trump or you will be next.  This includes all of Congress and the entire DC parasite amalgamation.  They are all terrified of losing their kickbacks of course or maybe blackmail is still the big mover in DC.  It has been since Woody Wilson and Edgar Hoover.  I cannot imagine what the blackmail could be.  The famous political line used to be “don’t get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”  The morality of our day has devolved into a dead goat I suppose, but I don’t want to offend the bestiality lobby.

Next is the bureaucrat who has no useful ability or function except the desperate struggle to remain or enlarge his position and power.  The basic plan of these clowns is to ignore inconvenient facts or dispute their veracity with the assistance of the purchased media.  Until they are properly disciplined no improvements will be forthcoming.  The lies told by Strozk and Lois Lerner resulted in no difficulties for the higher-level string pullers.

The only form of control for these people is the blade or cut financial support.  Sadly that appears to be impossible to cut off money or discipline offenders on an individual basis. JFK and tricky dick Nixon have cemented the useless as our unelected overlords by allowing unionization of the ‘crats.  What can be done about this “Monster that will not obey” from Steppenwolf?  It only feeds on your money and without it, these leeches would need to learn to code or garden.

Another example of the help running the show is that we have not had an actual budget since 2007. It appears that Congress is too busy to create one.  We should relieve them of this difficult burden.  Another more practical option is that the current Federal taxes should all be funneled through the state capitals for proper auditing and funding of state programs with the remainder being forwarded to DC as necessary.  This would allow the state the proper oversight of your funds before they disappear into the vast maw of DC. At least a small level of local responsibility would be achieved.

This would help stabilize state finances and would be a step towards eliminating the need for the Federal Reserve Bank which is the source of governmental irresponsibility, unmanageable deficits, and huge amounts of international corruption.  Sargent Shultz and all of his useless comrades would be left needing to find another source for their depredations.

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What can be done about this? One option would be a convention of the states. Many people have thrown up an objection to the plan. They feel it would be uncontrollable.  It certainly would be.  Even if this convention is organized, who would represent the states and citizens?  The current politicians of course!  They have the statewide organization to support their candidacy for the convention, and the new honest man does not.  It would rapidly descend into the same difficulties as we are currently experiencing because a bought boy or politician will stay that way.

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