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Shocker! Mike Tyson States His Political Beliefs, And They’re Not What You Might Think

There are essentially three types of celebrities who weigh in on politics, and they normally come from either Hollywood, the music industry, or the sports world. The most common is the bright but detached, ill-informed but vocal leftist. In this category, we find mostly obnoxious hypocrites such as Matt Damon, Oprah Winfrey, and Sean Penn.

The next group can be described as dumb-as-a-stump ignoramus liberals, who tend to be the loudest and most annoying, and are almost as plentiful as the first category. Members of this class include Eminem, LeBron James, and Mark Ruffalo, and the list seems to be growing by the day. They are virtually everywhere we look, are adored by our clownish media, and wield levels of influence that far exceed anything their tiny brains should reasonably anticipate.

This brings us to our third, least-populated classification of the politically extroverted celebrity: The conservative.

Conservative celebrities tend to come from all walks of life with various factors driving their beliefs. We have those who seem to be driven by religious morality such as Mel Gibson, Tim Tebow, and Patricia Heaton. We have others who simply seem adept at remaining in touch with their roots, and in this grouping, we can list Denzel Washington, Kid Rock, and James Earl Jones. Yet we have others whose experiences with demons and criminality appear to have played a role in their conservatism, and we would cite Robert Downey Jr., 50 Cent, and Tim Allen as examples here.

Now, in this final group, we can apparently add one of the greatest boxers and most controversial figures of his generation: the incomparable Mike Tyson.

According to Newsmax:

“’My family gets mad, my friends get mad when we talk politics,’ says Tyson. ‘When I was younger, I was all-out liberal. But as I get older, and I look at my children, and I see what’s out there in the world, I get a little conservative. … It’s common sense, looking at the world we have now. You want safety.’”

Conservatism is indeed “common sense,” and it’s refreshing to observe someone like Mike Tyson, who could have taken the easy route like so many others and simply pledged fealty to leftism and its secular gods and sacraments, but he didn’t.

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When pressed to offer his thoughts on specific politicians, Tyson continued with a comment about the mainstream media that clearly shows not only his ideological leanings but his perceptibility regarding today’s reality:

“[Greta] Van Susteren pressed Tyson, now a full-time Florida resident, on his thoughts about either Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis or former President Donald Trump. At first, it seemed like Tyson wanted to speak freely. But after a deep breath, he simply said, I can’t talk names … the last time I tried to talk politics [publicly], Wow, did they give me a beating.’

After his comment, Tyson confirmed ‘they’ were the U.S. media. As such, ‘I [now] stay away from politics and religion. They stole my freedom of speech,’ quipped Tyson.”

Yup. Iron Mike sounds like a full-fledged right-winger, and we should be glad to have him.

As we’ve mentioned frequently in the past, our overwhelming preference is for celebrities of all ages, races, shapes, and colors to simply pipe down on the topic of politics, and that would include conservatives such as Tyson. But the current reality in our society is making revelations such as Tyson’s not only welcome but critical.

So many on the left – celebrities and otherwise – live in a protective, delusional bubble. They can’t believe that there are Americans who actually love our country, believe that our government shouldn’t be the answer to all our problems, and prioritize America’s national interests above others. They seem genuinely shocked when informed that there are indeed those who strongly disagree with them and whose opinions are well-reasoned. So, when someone like Mike Tyson speaks up and talks sense, it not only assists in bursting that leftwing bubble, it gives additional credibility to conservatism.

Exactly what drives Tyson’s conservatism is unclear, and judging by his apprehension at discussing his political beliefs, we may never know for certain. But we do know specific aspects of Tyson’s background. Tyson grew up on the mean streets of Brooklyn and had a difficult youth. He worked extremely hard to achieve success and earn the money he has. And Tyson also spent time behind bars for sexual assault during which he undoubtedly had time to reflect on society, our government, and its many flaws.

When we consider each of these components and combine them with Tyson’s embrace of religion (Islam) later in his life, the impetuses behind his conservatism seem to come more into focus. But regardless of his reasoning, it’s nice to add Iron Mike Tyson to the list of openly conservative celebrities. Well done, champ.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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