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It’s More Important Than Ever For Americans To Shout Loud And Clear… “Let’s Go Brandon!”

God damn Joe Biden. God damn his regime. God damn the Democratic Party and the New Amerikkan Communists at its core. And punctuate all of this with a 7.62 mm round for each, no apologies.

The pain that accompanies each and every one of the Biden regime’s policies sears through the conscience and heart of every Free Born American who loves their family, America, and their individual liberty, because they know that today they are seeing the destruction of traditional America unfold before their very eyes, by the hands of the oligarchs, radicals, and communists. We are pained to the very core of our being, through each bone and fiber of our being to see the Democratic Party, the radicals, and New Amerikkan Communists destroying the mechanisms of our republic in favor of tyranny and one-party rule.

Our Constitution is worthless today in such an immoral, corrupt political environment, where the Democrats only follow it when they find some obscure article within it that serves their purposes in destroying it and our freedom and liberty and republic along with it. And in that sense, one must assert that the Constitution is not a suicide pact to be followed in its current perverted fashion ’til all liberty is dead in America and we are forced to submit to the most objectionable, reprehensible things imaginable under the pretense that they are “for the greater good” and “the good of the people”.

We live in a time when what constitutes “good” has been twisted to the point of being pure evil in reality.

When you see uninvited armed Border Patrol agents step onto private property on August 17th, 2022, and unlock a secured gate being guarded by Texas National Guardsmen, who were granted permission to be there, do you really think we have several years left to reverse this current trend toward tyranny?

In a country supposedly founded on freedom, liberty, and property rights, among other things, suddenly one’s property rights don’t mean jack shit when it comes to standing in the way of Red Joe and whatever shadow government running the show. Property rights don’t mean a damn thing when they stand in the way of allowing more socialists, communists, and backers of “the New World Order” and terrorists into the country.

If that had been my property, there would have been several dead Border Patrol agents dead on the ground or they’d have been carting my dead carcass away because these Border Patrol agents have absolutely violated their oaths to protect and defend America and the Original Intent of the Constitution and the Founders, who would surely have already picked up their rifles long ago and begun shooting down these Amerikkans wherever they found them. The “Yes Men” of the Biden regime, who will attempt to tell us “I was only following orders” when their day of reckoning is upon them, are traitors to America just as sure as the sun will rise in the morning.

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No decent American accepts the grooming of children for sex or the school indoctrination that forces them into the deviant perversion of the militant transgender movement, as we have witnessed far too often, while they make it seem as if it was the child’s idea and wish. These perverts and queers who coach unsuspecting children into believing the vilest ideas are some form of truth, undermining parents’ expressed wishes and demands in the process — just as we see in Fairfax County Public Schools — are worthy of being hung or shot on the spot, as far as I’m concerned, or at the very least tarred and feathered and run from the community.

And yet, the Biden regime facilitates this diseased Queer Agenda at every opportunity, once again subverting traditional America and cutting one more stone from the foundation of the nation and those principles that worked so well for so long for all of America — those Christian principles that once held reasonable, honorable decent and moral men and women in check and prevented them from acting in a manner that harmed regular Americans simply trying to live their lives and be left alone.

I only know that if I still had young children in the public school system and some deviant tried to “transition” them behind my back, I’d see to it that his next “transition” was straight on to the graveyard. After a few of these sick bastards get charged, prosecuted, and sent to prison under aggravated sexual exploitation of a child law [TN code section 39-17-1004] perhaps this damned sick shit will stop.

I could care less what anyone’s sexual proclivities may be, but when they are in a supposed “position of authority” and responsible for my children’s well-being, they damned well better be walking the straight and narrow with them and not trying to interfere with me, their father, not if they value their own well being.

These New Amerikkan Communists have not the slightest twinge of conscience over forcing and imposing evil upon conservatives under the guise of law, but law — REAL LAW — is supposed to advance good and do no harm to any segment of the country’s population. Righteous law defends individual liberty, private property, and above all else innocent life. They are not innocent by a long shot, and they follow a code and an ideology that is tyrannical in its character and nature and by its very being anti-liberty.

And nothing has done more harm than the various executive orders Biden has signed to force his climate change policy upon all of America, whether one speaks of the killing of the Keystone Pipeline or his new Inflation Reduction Act that is now being touted to actually be his new Climate Change Act since it doesn’t do a damned thing to reduce inflation. Its climate change initiatives don’t do a damned thing to stop climate change either, and in reality, this is all more wealth redistribution and the sort of crony capitalism fascist bullshit we saw with Solyndra under Obama.

There are not any shared values or principles between true conservatives and the New Amerikkan Communists of the Democratic Party and this prevents our government from being able to do what it was chartered and mandated to do in the beginning. Whatever shared principles between the two parties that may have once existed many, many decades ago have long been absent in the political arena creating some of the most dangerous times for America that I’ve ever witnessed.

Leaving people alone is something the New Amerikkan Communist rat bastards will never do because one free man in their midst would act as an irritant to the whole Collective and it’s beyond their ability to tolerate such an individual. All must be made to bow at the altar of the State, as Biden and company keep picking winners and losers.

In another illegal act on August 24th, 2022, Biden signed an executive order that cancels ten to twenty-thousand dollars of student loan debt for each of the 43 million Americans holding this debt. While it will cost upwards of a half-trillion dollars over the next decade and basically not solve the problem, it is also inflationary and a slap in the face of every poor or middle-class American who couldn’t afford college and those who did attend college and paid off their loans. Biden is trying to buy the votes of 43 million people by way of this illegal act, and using any and all legal and illegal means to hold onto power, no matter what, even lying straight into the faces of the American people and turning and walking away as if he is above any law or any accounting to the people.

This is a gross abuse of power and a power grab that by itself and unanswered, unchallenged, and accepted as legitimate will undermine Congress and keep the redistribution of wealth in America in perpetual motion, in a manner that is nothing less than stealing from one group of those deemed undesirable to give to the chosen few staying true to the Marxist path. In this instance, it’s stealing from those less able to bear the burden — the poor — to give to the lazy, shiftless, immoral, and entitlement-minded wealthy who will absolutely be making enough to repay those loans.

But it seems as if no one wants to work hard anymore. No one has any self-respect or pride in doing a fine job at some form of labor or skilled position, so long as they think they can game the system and force the hardworking “suckers” to pay the tab. And force is what is at work in this Biden regime. If you don’t believe me, just ask yourself why we need 87,000 new IRS agents armed and trained to attack targets like some new version of an FBI SWAT group. Why are agents of the Department of Health and Human Services being armed with the same sophisticated and technically advanced weapons as our Special Forces?

Incredibly, especially during the Trump administration, under the guidance of Senator Mitch ‘the Turtle” McConnell, we have found that the GOP seems much more interested than in years past in expanding government and finding compromise where none should exist as they take a Democrat-lite stance that’s perfectly aligned with what Senator Chuckie Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi want, as seen in federal paid leave, expanded child tax credit, subsidies to corporations — economic fascism — and regulations presented as new means to fight China even tho’ Red Joe flinched and kept Taiwan from joining the recent Indo-Pacific Trade talks, probably due to some of the dirt China has on him.

The communists of the nation were operating within a free political environment, and they had over 100 years to infiltrate our system and put their plans into action, as they are now doing. We won’t have that luxury, since they have killed the free political environment and have long targeted, harassed, and essentially prevented conservatives and independents, to a large degree, from exerting their rights to freedom of assembly and free speech all across the country, as the Marxist/Maoist mainstream media and the socialist corporate heads have aided and abetted and facilitated every recent assault against America.

Worse yet, by now all America knows that Biden isn’t really holding the reins of power in the White House and the FBI and the DOJ are now being used as weapons against the Establishment’s political opponents and any conservative that makes any move against its destructive policies. They are so unhinged that they even saw fit to make an excuse to raid a former president’s home, and in the meantime, Biden simply does as he is told, signing whatever destructive nonsense they push in front of him like the good radical figurehead of the Marxist insurrection that he is.

Once again, our Constitution was never intended to be a suicide pact, but here we are allowing a bastardized version of the Original to be used to destroy the nation and we are watching America being forced into collapse by people who intend this very thing with purpose and malice aforethought.

One can almost hear the voices now — imagine Benny’s voice from the 1953 cartoon —  as they say, “But we’ll [the GOP] get them next time. There’s a red wave coming.” Yea well … not unless you can shit one or reverse the illegal measures still in place in numerous states and replace the corrupt election officials who enabled the 2020 Election Steal between now and 2024.

Our entire system and government have grown too large and unwieldy for any real and proper oversight when we see the various agencies refuse requests from Congress for documents regarding numerous important issues as if they are above the law and the will of the people. The various institutions are rife with communists in the top echelons to the point they virtually operate as rogue groups and entities unto themselves, and for serious people who truly wish to see America and individual liberty restored, we’re not going to get it done at the voting booths so long as career federal employees and traitors appointed to key positions can subvert any presidential agenda and rig elections far into the future.

For anyone serious about saving America, one must steel one’s mind and heart to the fact that it will ultimately require picking up firearms and running every New Amerikkan Communist and Illegal Alien into the seas and out of the country and using every available means to pull those Marxist/ Maoist Communist bastards from behind the seats of power in every political position in America using from the local and state level and throughout the federal government.

Maybe the day isn’t now. Perhaps we still have time through all available peaceful mechanisms. But if the people keep allowing corrupt men and women to be selected and implanted in high office to the detriment of all Americans, we may soon see a day where we have no other choice but to pick up our rifles and rebel, despite all the warnings from weak-kneed pundits and cowards who are against the violent defense of our liberty under any set of circumstances. They contend the Democrats want just such an event to justify permanently seizing power through martial law.

What then? Are Americans to simply wait and accept the complete erosion of our freedom and liberty at the hands of an out-of-control federal government? What happens when the masses become so hungry and needy for government handouts that they vote for their own chains and try to impose them on the rest of us?

And although the Democratic Party Communists would love nothing better than to see a revolt that gave them the authority to declare martial law while they hold the seats of government, just at what point does anyone — ANYONE — believe it’s acceptable to rise and fight to stay free? Ever? Are we really having to question this in the knowledge that this is precisely what the nation’s Founders eventually were forced to do?

Stay this course folks and you will find yourself slaves. Eventually, the day will come, and it isn’t too far into the future, that all Americans will be forced to choose between their own cold chains of serfdom or taking up arms in rebellion against the ever-encroaching, intrusive and growing tyranny being imposed on many state levels and at the federal level of our government.

Whatever the future holds, let us make damned sure we win and come out the other side with our Inalienable God-given Rights once more secured in a manner that history will not soon forget. It beats the hell out of watching traitors, fools and knaves steal every last bit of America’s wealth right before they complete Her destruction.

As Patrick Henry once asked, so too do I ask now. Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?

The Marxist/ Maoist Communists must be made person non grata in America, making life as uncomfortable as possible so long as they continue to assault America’s traditions, Christianity, the family, and the rule of righteous law. Cut them out of American society like the cancer they are.

Exile and ostracize any red, radical Democratic Party Communist rat bastard who has ever advocated the Cloward and Piven Machiavellian plan to overload the system with crushing debt in order to eradicate the capitalist system and usher in communism. Exile and ostracize anyone known to have advocated and facilitated the lies surrounding Covid, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, that resulted in economy-killing lockdowns and thousands of small family-owned businesses being destroyed.

Exile and ostracize the sick, demented and deviant perverts and queers who advocated for 37 genders, grooming young children and the fiction that men and women can change their biological sex and men and women can function in the world without any regard for the facts of biology. Exile those who use illegal aliens and open border immigration as a weapon for America’s destruction, and take special care to exile and ostracize anyone — white, red, black, or brown –pushing Critical Race Theory and the notion that white Americans are a threat to the country or seek to threaten their livelihood and jobs because they are white.

And make it a special mission to have all of America witness the perpetrators of the treason from 2016 to the present charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned or executed should their crime warrant such. Or better yet, hang the bastards, including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe, Merrick Garland, Peter Strzok, Brian Auten and so many others; hang them from the rails of the Capitol Building and all the tall trees, once they have been found guilty of high crimes and treason in a U.S. courtroom.

Restoring America means burning the system to the ground, starting with the Federal Reserve Bank, and starting anew in a manner that places real freedom and liberty and our Inalienable God-given Rights above the now worthless “almighty” dollar, corporate subsidies and profits, and foreign interests. It means making a new system guided by citizen leaders paid small but adequate salaries, who serve to serve America and the cause of freedom and liberty rather than to make a government position a lifetime self-serving lucrative career.

For anyone refusing to destroy the enemies of America and freedom and liberty, stay the course and you will doom yourself and your progeny to be totally conquered and assimilated, either due to your apathy and complacency or your willing complicity. But unfortunately, too many of you have already been so brainwashed into believing that the founding principles are the real evil and that you are America’s enemies, that you don’t have a clue as to who the real enemies are; and, the enemy — The Democratic Party and its New Amerikkan Communists  — is laughing over what they have succeeded in doing to date, as they continue shredding the Founding documents, the rule of law and everything good and decent that comes from our exceptional heritage

No doubt, it’s a gargantuan task, one that may seem to be mission impossible, and if its ever actually undertaken, it will most likely be those exceptional hard men and women, real Americans who truly love our country, willing to risk it all and even lay down their own lives if necessary, who will eventually get the job done if it ever gets done at all.

The clock’s ticking and time is running out for America. Pray we join together soon to do what we must so that America’s children will live free.

By Justin O Smith

Hailing from the Great State of Tennessee, Justin O. Smith is a patriotic American and regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative whose work has been published by American Thinker and The Rutherford Reader. He can be found on GETTR, Gab, MeWe, and Clouthub.

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