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Facebook And Zuckerberg’s CYA Strategy – Don’t Blame Me, Blame The FBI

If you are closely watching the polls to see which party to place your bets on to win in November, you are taking a big risk considering that the polling industry is a scam.  A better indicator of the election outcome would be the behavior of the people who stand the most to lose if the Republicans take over Congress.  And the behavior of these people has been very telling.

Anticipating a serious investigation of his COVID shenanigans by a Republican Congress, Doctor Fauci has already announced his much overdue departure. And now, expecting a hard look at his company’s handling of election-sensitive information, Mark Zuckerberg has started his new and improved “Cover your behind” media tour. On Thursday, the cyborg went on Joe Rogan’s podcast, blaming everybody and their drunk cousin for censoring Hunter Biden’s laptop story:

Zuckerberg: “I mean, basically, the background here is the FBI, I think, basically came to us, some folks on our team, and was like, ‘Hey, just so you know, like, you should be on high alert. There was, we thought that there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election…  So just be vigilant.’”

One of the most powerful men in the world is telling you that he went and restructured the whole nature of his company’s operation just based on the FBI’s vague request. He didn’t even ask for the specific examples of “Russian propaganda” that seriously affected the 2016 election – because, really, there was none to speak of. And even though Facebook allows the world’s most pernicious actors – like the Russian, Chinese, and Iranian governments, to freely spread propaganda on their platform, it is only after the FBI’s “request to be vigilant” that Facebook decided to get their act together.

For some unexplained reason, Mark Zuckerberg interpreted “being vigilant” as a direction to carefully select only the stories that reflected negatively on his favorite candidate and mark them for strict verification. I mean, the story claiming that President Trump called fallen soldiers “losers and suckers” didn’t raise a flag with Facebook. And the claim that Russia placed “bounties” on American soldiers sounded straight out of Putin’s playbook – and yet it went through Facebook’s “fact-checking operation” without so much as a second glance. But once a story appeared that spelled trouble for Joe Biden, all kinds of red flags went off in Zuckerberg’s brain.

Zuckerberg: “So our protocol is different from Twitter’s. What Twitter did is they said, ‘You can’t share this at all.’ We didn’t do that.”

“I think it was five or seven days when it was basically being determined whether it was false, the distribution on Facebook was decreased, but people were still allowed to share it. So you could still share it; you could still consume it.”

You may have gotten the wrong impression about Facebook from their routine censoring of conservative opinion.   Mark Zuckerberg is here to tell you that “they don’t do that!” The reason the voters didn’t hear much about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the election was all Twitter’s fault.  And also, it was the FBI.  And when we get right down to it, it’s really your own fault.  The Hunter Biden story was freely available on Facebook – you just didn’t invest enough time looking for it.  You might have missed it sifting through glowing reviews of Joe Biden’s new sunglasses being pushed to the front of your Facebook feed every second.  You could still “share and consume” the story if you just applied yourself.

Zuckerberg: “What we do is we have, if something was reported to us as potentially misinformation, important misinformation, we also use third-party fact-checking program, because we don’t want to be deciding what’s true and false.”

As you know, Mark Zuckerberg never single-handedly decides “what’s true and what’s false.”  That’s what “highly credible” third-party fact checkers are for – the “third” party being the CCP.  Those are highly qualified professionals who only get their facts wrong 95% of the time.   When a dubious story comes in, they make a determination whether the story is true based on whether it benefits the Democrat agenda.  That was how one theory on the Covid origin was authoritatively declared “a conspiracy theory” after full two minutes of “serious fact-checking,” even though we still don’t know the true origins of Covid two and a half years later.

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They took a similar approach to the NY Post story with revelations about Hunter Biden.  The story was, indeed, what you called “unverified” – but it went through a very different level of scrutiny than any story containing dirt on President Trump’s family.  All that was required to label it “misinformation” was the fact that it didn’t contain one single negative reference to Donald Trump.  It’s always suspicious when not one hooker is peeing on Trump’s bed – you can’t get any more “Russian disinformation” than that.

Zuckerberg: “But we weren’t sort of as black and white about it as Twitter. We just kind of thought, hey, look, if the FBI, which I still view is a legitimate institution in this country, it’s like very professional law enforcement, they come to us and tell us that we need to be on guard about something, then I want to take that seriously.”

Sounds reasonable.  If “a very professional law enforcement” agency tells a CEO of one of the world’s most powerful companies to suspend his business principles, you don’t ask any questions.  Now, if we could only find out which “professional agency” commanded Mark Zuckerberg to invest 400 million bucks into a fraudulent voting operation, we could all get back to our regularly scheduled programming of watching January 6th reruns on CNN.

By Tatyana Larina at Right Wire Report

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