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The Holier-Than-Thou, Elitist Politicians Plaguing America Is Not A New Phenomenon

Experts with self-proclaimed superiority have a long history in our country.  Our suffering today under pomposity without substance has a long and amusing history. John Adams on his way to Philadelphia for the Continental Congress wrote of his fellows, ”Our language is better, our persons handsomer, our spirit is greater, our laws are wiser, our Religion is superior, and our education better.”

Granted he was traveling through New York, but it offers a good example of the attitudes of the Puritan ruling class that continues today.  The same attitudes towards we unwashed still rule. Delusions of grandeur in a “superior academic” are difficult to overcome.

“From the conclusion of this war, we shall be going down hill, it will not be necessary to resort to the people at every moment for support.  They will be forgotten; therefore their rights will be disregarded.”  Thomas Jefferson

Mr. Jefferson was quite correct about the memory situation.  The greatest problem for any government is the acquiring of funds for its’ survival.  During the Revolutionary War, bonds of all types were issued from various states and paper money was printed by states even though this was forbidden by Congress.  The desperate and hungry soldiers had to accept any offer for this currency for their survival.  Five percent of face value was considered an excellent swap.

Also, as Jefferson stated after all the lives were sacrificed and the Articles of Confederation were established, the people and soldiers were forgotten.  The cries for redeeming the bonds used to fund the government during the revolution were deafening.  Unfortunately for the merchants and the other money lenders the Confederation could not force compliance on taxation throughout the country.  Many states refused to comply with Congressional dictates.

What could be done?  Mr. Adams and Mr. Hamilton began to lobby for a strong central government that would be able to tax the people to repay the bond and currency holders.  Even Mr. Washington pushed for a new Federal government to allow him to continue his real estate development company.  Patrick Henry was the leader of the rejection group as he was afraid the government would become too powerful with the ability to tax and destroy liberty.  Finally, Washington talked him into supporting the new government which then created the first financial embezzlement at the expense of our citizens. The bondholders were paid off at PAR and the American people were tied to the plow to fund Congressional generosity which continues thru today with the brief exception of President Jackson.

Our politicians are a group that has no other source of income than their seats in congress.  They do not work for you.  They work to provide money for themselves as in any other job. They only pay attention when they want your vote to continue their dalliance at the trough.  We citizens need to remind ourselves constantly of this fact.  They have forgotten their superiority is paper thin.

The major magic trick in the bag of these people is to find a way to keep your attention away from their hand controlling the whip at your back.  Fifty years ago, the social structure was based on a man going to work and the wife staying at home to raise children.  The finances of society were such that it was possible to support a family on one salary.  The removal of the world from the US dollar gold standard caused inflation that has required sleight of hand to keep the country from noticing the source of the deterioration of our standard of living that now requires two salaries to survive.

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The basis of the current snatch the money and run political group is the divide and conquer scam. It has gotten well-worn but is still remarkably effective.  First, the civil rights diversity acts were trotted out.  They are all allegedly designed to improve the status of the indicated downtrodden group. A new crowd is added periodically so that a climate of disillusioned citizens bemoaning their fates can maintain the curtain disguising the graft.  This way funds can easily be squirreled away for the political class.

The black community is continually illuminated as being abused and some can be easily mustered to protest at any time by the “race hustlers” of BLM.  Another current group designed to grab your attention is the transexual/transvestite clan.  In truth, they are just Old Maids in waiting whose current love is a box of doughnuts.

The distractions above are used to disguise the machinations of your superiors at the WEF.  Their global warming takeover plan has failed and pushing forward with a flu bug was a desperate gamble.  It has also failed. Another light has been shined upon the unwarranted arrogance, lack of competence, and criminality of those who have been trying to overturn society.  It has awakened many citizens to the fact that the path of the past 50 years has been leading towards total subjugation to your betters.

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