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Biden And The Democrats Double Down On The Theft of a Nation

Yesterday I watched a person claiming to be the President of the United States declare war on half the citizens in the country.  This usurper of power, “elected” by probably about fifty million legitimate voters and thirty-one million ghosts, used the power and resources of our nation to spread hate, division, lies, distortions, and disinformation in an attempt to vilify and demonize his political opponents.

Against a blood red backdrop taken directly from Nazi rallies, lacking only the torches and Wagnerian music, and standing before the building where our Declaration and Constitution started, he proceeded to deliver an impassioned oration, legitimizing almost any sort of action, violent or otherwise, against those whom he declared as “enemies of democracy”.

Many others have already commented on the use of government resources in a blatantly partisan oration, the use of the honorable institution of the US Marine Corps to provide a backdrop to a speech worthy of a third-world despot or a Fascist dictator.  As deeply offended as I am by this latest spectacle from an illegitimate administration, I want to take a step back to look at both the tactics employed as well as the likely events to follow.

Totalitarian tactics

One tactic used throughout the speech was projection.  For anyone not acquainted with the term, it means to attribute to someone else those thoughts, motives, and intentions you exhibit yourself.  In this case, we can look at an obvious example from his speech.

“MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution, do not believe in the rule of law. They did not recognize the will of the people and refuse to accept the results of a free election.”

Every point in that quote is an attempt to attribute some position or characteristic of the Democratic Left to what Biden calls “MAGA Republicans”.  The Left knows they are guilty of these things, that their positions are unpopular and destructive, so rather than owning them and striving to be better, they try to pin them on their opponents.

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The Left has shown consistent disregard for, and even contempt for our Constitution.  They have long tried to have it declared obsolete and to replace it with a “living” document.  Even a former Supreme Court justice, one who had sworn an oath to uphold it, was unwilling to support it as a model for future governments.

As for rule of law, the only rule that Democrats seem to abide is the rule that the law only applies to Republicans.  Examples of two-tier justice abound, ranging from the recent raid on Trump’s home under the pretext of stolen classified documents while Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured home server to share classified materials was untouched, down to use of political influence to protect the husband of a Democrat leader from the consequences of his drunk driving, the Left’s disdain for the rule of law is obvious at every turn.

Similarly, for his claims about not recognizing the will of the people and refusing to accept the results of a “free” election, we only have to look back at recent elections where Democrats lost to see how much they care about the will of the people.  If the last Presidential election was so fair, why do Democrats oppose and even block any investigations that might prove it to be fair?

I could go on for much longer as nearly every claim he made about Republicans and MAGA in his speech is a projection.  This level of dishonesty is despicable and a betrayal of the Office of the President and of this country.

Divide and conquer

Two major themes in the speech were centered first on attempts to blame Republicans and Trump for the current division in the country today, as well as for all the problems we face.  The second theme was an attempt to drive a wedge between Republicans by creating a line between “good” Republicans who agree with him, and “bad” MAGA Republicans who are extremist and out to destroy our democracy and return the country to some imagined repressive state that never existed.  Essentially he was saying that “some of my best friends are Republicans – but not those over there.”.

Few people want to be considered extremists, so the hope is that by painting MAGA supporters as extremists, he can get Republicans to move to his side.  As Trump pointed out, though, MAGA stands for Make America Great Again, so what Biden is calling for is to make America poor, weak, and despised by all.  Just like another Democrat calling Republicans “deplorable”, the attempt to provoke division is more likely to backfire and unite Republicans against the common enemy.

Attack the person instead of addressing issues

When used against individuals, this tactic is known as an ad hominem attack. I am not aware of an equivalent term for a group, but perhaps we can invent one as we surely need it when dealing with Biden.  In this case, he attempted to use a form of attack against Republicans in order to deflect attention from the issues of inflation, crime, criminal immigration, “vaccine” deaths, weaponization of government against the citizens, energy shortages, destruction of our military, food shortages, and every other issue that Democrats have made worse.

It is something of a reverse Midas touch.  We might call it the Myass touch where everything Biden and the Democrats touch turns to donkey exhaust.  No wonder he wanted to distract attention from all the damage he and his cronies have done.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Still, another tactic is claiming your opponent’s virtues as your own.  There were numerous references to patriotism, democracy, eschewing violence, the Constitution, and many other terms that relate to characteristics and positions of those of us on the Right.  He tried to claim that Democrats were the ones upholding such virtues while Republicans were seeking to destroy them.  It was like he was reciting some magical spell in hopes that his incantations would somehow make everyone accept his lies as truth and believe that Democrats were the true defenders of our country and its values.

Again, the only ones he managed to convince were those Democrats who already believed the falsehoods he was promoting.  That small group is likely lost to the dark side already, rejecting hard truth for seductive lies.

More than just Biden

I could continue in pointing out the deceitfulness in Biden’s speech yesterday, but many others are doing a good job in that regard.  Instead, I would like to point out that there is no way that decrepit, senile, pretender could have written such a speech, much less have done all the things that have led up to the state our country is currently in.

When Lenin died, the Russians pickled him and put his preserved remains on public display to show the legitimacy of their rule since they had been blessed by Saint Lenin whose spirit and remains were still among them.

What if Biden has already passed on, and Disney, through application of their next-generation animatronics has stuffed his skin with actuators and computer chips and replaced him with a walking, talking simulacrum of Joe Biden that can be programmed to say whatever its handlers require?

While I am not entirely seriously suggesting that is the case, what is clear is that no one that divorced from reality and rational thought could be operating alone.  Some suggest Obama is the real power behind the throne, but in my mind, it is clear that Obama was just as much a tool of the Left as Biden is now, just not as senile.  All that begs the question of who, exactly, is pulling the strings?  Is it Soros and his Open Society; is it Bill Gates; or might it be Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum?  Maybe it is just the homegrown Deep State trying to keep its power.  Perhaps a foreign power such as China is issuing directions.

Trees grow from the roots

Whoever is behind the Biden Cabal, Joe is just a figurehead.  Even if we manage to impeach him or show he is incompetent, that would be like trying to cut down a tree by removing a few leaves.  Until we can get at the root, anything else is just cosmetic change.  That means we need to be able to identify the root in order to remove it.  Right now, we are so distracted by all the smoke the Left is blowing in our faces, it is hard to see the source.

We have had distraction after distraction thrown at us for years, now.  CRT, white supremacy and racism charges, Covid, vaccines, lockdowns, climate crisis, not-so-green energy, bug soup, urban crime, the FBI Trump raid, and a host of other things have taken our attention away from the underlying source of problems.  That is not to say that these matters are not real and not significant, but they also have two purposes – one is destructive, and the other is to distract our focus.  We cannot afford distraction, no matter how strong the imperative to deal with the destruction might be.

Cornered animals are dangerous

It is clear from the speech yesterday, as well as from many other recent events, that the Democrats and the Left are feeling threatened.  They know that they cannot let the People regain control of government.  That would eliminate decades of effort spent in building up to a fully omnipotent centralized state of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite.  Hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats across the country know which side of their bread has butter, and they know that a populist government headed by a Trump or DeSantis would leave most of them looking for real jobs.

Is the government spending too much money?  Reduce the size of government.  Are government regulations choking innovation and killing the economy?  Eliminate regulations and the agencies that create them.  Bureaucrats stonewalling, slow walking, or “misinterpreting” directions?  Imagine them gone.  They know that if the Right gains power, their goose is cooked.  They are backed into a corner and fighting for their lives.  Anyone with pets knows that even a kitten can put up a fierce defense when it feels threatened and backed into a corner.  What will these endangered Deep State swamp creatures do?

What we can expect

The speech yesterday has been called a declaration of war against half the country.  Given his low poll numbers, it is now war against well over half the citizenry.  With war declared, we can now expect a number of offensive actions to be taken to neutralize or even eliminate our power.

Many of these will be provocative attempts to elicit a violent response.  Such violence would be used to justify more draconian measures, such as mass incarceration in concentration camp facilities, declaration of martial law, suspension of Constitutional rights, and many other actions available to a nation-state.  We can now know firsthand why people in Cuba and Venezuela, Cambodia, and even China didn’t rise up against an oppressive government.

Government actions will take many forms.  There is a certain urgency as it will be necessary for the Progressive Democrat Left to establish full control before the midterm elections are complete.  It will be necessary to ensure that the “right” people win so that there is the appearance of legitimacy to the new administration.  We can expect all the mechanisms of fraud used in previous elections will show up in the midterms to ensure that the results are what they need to be.  After all, elections are too important to be left up to chance.

Direct actions

Doubtless, there will be more actions like the Mar-a-Lago raid, the arrest of Peter Navarro in an airport, arrests of the J6 defendants, and others.  These actions serve to intimidate and point out the powerlessness of individuals against the State.

Other agencies are likely to be involved.  The IRS will likely remove the tax-exempt status of many “subversive” organizations while initiating full audits against MAGA supporters and organizations.  Even Republican candidates will not be immune.

Indirect actions

In the interest of distracting the populace from focusing their activities, the blackshirt allies of the state – Antifa, BLM, and others – may be activated and encouraged to violent action in cities throughout the land.

Courts and police will be discouraged from prosecuting criminals, including actual rioters, since violent crime is quite good at distracting attention.  Financial institutions can also be enlisted to act against individuals and organizations that the government might label as terrorists.  Bank accounts can be frozen as they were in Canada during the trucker resistance.  Account activity can be examined by Federal agents looking to identify sources and destinations of funds for right-wing organizations.  Such information can be provided to appropriate NGOs for action where the government does not want a direct link to them.

As a recent lawsuit by the State of Missouri shows, over a dozen agencies have been involved in pressuring social media firms and organizations to censor and otherwise block distribution of information damaging to “official” narratives on things ranging from election fraud to vaccines, showing how these agencies have acted to block the flow of factual information that might contradict their narratives and lead to opposition to their policies and practices.  Expect more of this sort of government pressure.

Election fraud

Biden specifically attacked investigations into fraud in the 2020 election.  The administration and various Leftist organizations and media firms have maintained that the 2020 election was fair and secure and that claims to the contrary were part of a Big Lie and simply misinformation.  Concerned citizen groups in all fifty states have been conducting investigations into election fraud in their states.

These investigations have produced copious evidence of fraudulent activities more than sufficient to affect the outcome of the 2020 election, as well as of more recent primaries.  Widespread dissemination of this evidence in public, as well as examination in courts, could expose Leftist activities to the point where there would be a general rejection of the Left’s activities before they could consolidate sufficient power.

We can expect that there will be considerable pressure on courts, law enforcement officials, legislatures, and others to reject and ignore such investigations.  There will likely be efforts made to declare such investigations to be illegal and to seek to prosecute anyone involved in such investigations.

Freedom of speech

The Left is already deeply embedded in most of the major communications firms.  The government has been able to use these fifth columnists to suppress wide dissemination of information they find inconvenient or disruptive to their activities and plans.  Already, the term “hate speech” is gaining widespread use to suppress freedom of speech in numerous settings.  Since it lacks a precise definition, it is easily adapted to apply to anything the Left finds objectionable.  As such it becomes justification for any number of attacks on free expression and exchange of factual information.

Financial attacks

The Left has found de-platforming of conservative websites and organizations to be an effective means of suppressing free exchange across the internet.  Removing financial support of opposing voices starves supporters to the point that they must simply disappear.

Recently, government agencies have explored their ability to suppress dissention by using government powers to force freezing of bank accounts of opposing individuals and organizations, as the Canadian government did to supporters of the trucker resistance to vaccine mandates.  There is evidence that such actions in Canada were taken at the suggestion and with the cooperation of our own government.  Biden’s plans for elimination of paper currency in favor of a digital currency would make financial tracking and account blocking simple matters, so we can anticipate a push for a digital currency.

Conventional warfare

Biden has made several references to a need for any who might contemplate armed resistance to government overreach to have tanks and F-15s and other large platform weapons systems if they were to take up arms.  It would appear from these remarks that the Cabal is seriously contemplating using conventional warfare against citizens.

Even if the administration were not to directly attack, they could easily use a foreign war to justify numerous actions against uncooperative citizens.  Already the administration has taken provocative actions against China, Russia, and Iran that could lead to open war, with domestic declaration of martial law and suspension of Constitutional rights soon to follow.

Not out of reach

While many of these possibilities seem extreme and beyond reasonable consideration, we must remember that the Left is growing desperate in defense of their power against the threats represented by Trump and MAGA and even ordinary Republicans.  The list is far from comprehensive.  Time is running out for Democrats and the Progressive Left.

We can expect their defenses to become more frequent and more extreme as we get closer to November.  Even after November, we can expect spoiling attacks if the Left cannot accomplish their goals through an election.

Desperate people will take desperate measures.  Fear can drive out reason and lead to horrible consequences of actions taken.  For some, there is even the idea that “if I can’t have it, then neither can you” which can be enormously destructive.

In any case, there will be more lies, more projections, more vilification of honest patriotic Americans, more hate spewed against Trump, and more violent speech and acts against MAGA supporters as Democrats see their power dreams slipping away.  This is the time of greatest danger.  This is when we must be most vigilant and exercise our greatest self-control.  For now, they still have too much power and are eager to find any excuse to use it.

The good news

We must have faith in the strength of our values and traditions and in the people who believe in them.  As the actions of the Left grow more and more extreme, they are making obvious their true intentions.  Even many Democrats are finding the actions of the Left distasteful and against their own ideas of justice and what constitutes a good society.

Rather than promoting division as was its intent, the Biden speech yesterday prompted greater unity among Republicans just as Hillary’s “deplorables” comment did five years ago.  Truly, if we give them enough rope, they will happily hang themselves.

Vigilance and patience will be rewarded.  So far, Biden has been the most effective recruiter for the Republican party in recent history.  Let’s go, Brandon!

By David Robb

David Robb is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a practicing scientist who has been working in industry for over 50 years. One of his specialties is asking awkward questions. A large part of his work over the years has involved making complex scientific issues clear and understandable to non-specialists. Sometimes he even succeeds.

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