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America Doesn’t Yet Understand The Level Of Authoritarianism Biden Is Taking Us To, But She Soon Will

“There always is this fallacious belief: ‘It would not be the same here; here such things are impossible.’ Alas, all the evil of the twentieth century is possible everywhere on earth.”   Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Joe Biden opened up his little black heart during his ‘Soul of the Nation’ speech on September 1st, 2022, in Independence Hall, and he projected his own numerous sins upon former President Trump and all Americans who desire to make America great again, as he stepped from the shadows to present one blatant, bald-faced lie after the other and what is soon to become his justification ahead of the elections for the further suppression of political and religious dissent in America. Although he asserted that Trump and MAGA Republicans represent “an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our Republic”, in reality, the gravest threat to America since the Civil War is Joe Biden, America’s in-house fascist-in-chief, and those fascists and communists who support him.

Reminiscent of dictators from years gone by, whether we speak of Adolph, Mussolini, or Papa Joe Stalin, Ol’ Crazy Joe Biden clenched his fists and raised his voice, standing in front of a Satanic backdrop that included the Presidential Seal and two Marines, as he had the gall and temerity to claim to be “an American president, not a red president or blue president” — a president of “all America”. And incredulously he went on to either state outright or imply that the Trump supporters and the Make America Great Again movement were the agents of violence, extremism, and chaos when nothing in recent memory has more clearly represented real fascism and caused more violence and created more chaos than Joe Biden’s use of the pen and his Marxist/ Maoist regime’s policies and attempts to rule by decree and diktat.

This is all Biden and his own brand of Marxist/ Maoist Cancel Culture fascists have at the moment in the face of their politically undesirable agenda and policies. Calling his mainstream conservative opponents fascists is one massive lie and smear against millions of fine and decent Americans, because the facts show that they love, support, and defend freedom and individual liberty for all Americans, their families, babies, America, and a righteous rule of law. Biden’s lies and smears smack of the same tactics used by Antifa of yesteryear in the streets of the Weimar Republic of Germany; and just as those tactics were disastrous then, so too will they prove disastrous today.

Somewhere around 7:15 PM CST, one could hear protesters outside of Independence Hall chanting “Let’s go, Brandon”, along with nearby police sirens. I had a few choice words for him myself, that can’t be shared in polite company.

How ironic it was to hear him claim that Republicans promote authoritarian leaders and threaten personal rights, when America hasn’t had a more authoritarian president in decades, or a lawless regime in power ever in U.S. history; and as for personal rights, never have an American’s Inalienable God-given Rights been more threatened than right at this very moment under this fascistic communist regime.

And although they often call any opposition to their anti-American agenda “a threat to our democracy”, they don’t mean “our” as in all Americans. They really mean their democracy, which is actually equity and equality with everyone reduced to the lowest common denominator in poverty and serving the Party and the State, and whichever so-called “elites” are in control.

Nothing says fascism like shooting down unarmed women, such as Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force Veteran, for peacefully protesting election fraud in 2020 or attacking and arresting parents who object to having their children indoctrinated through Marxist/ Maoist propaganda on sex, gender, and race, such as we have recently witnessed by way of Biden’s support of Transgender Studies in K-12, his inclusion of the transgendered in Title IX and his advocacy and demands for Critical Race Theory from kindergarten through college studies

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Nothing says “fascism” like Biden policies that promote separating children from parents and suggesting the government has more say in what happens to the child than the parents, as we currently find in much of America, where children can be mutilated by so-called “physicians” through sex-change operations and it’s considered “legal” to keep the parents out of the entire process, from start to finish, thus allowing minor children to disempower their parents. Nothing says “fascism” like corrupting children in a manner that sexualizes them and having immoral school teachers teach them to lie to their parents.

The destruction of the what constitutes the nuclear family comes directly from the playbook of Marx and Engels.

Isn’t refusing a person’s lawyer the right to witness a search conducted by the FBI the act of a fascist? What about trumping up a case for ransacking a former president’s home under the pretense of “national security” and under the color of law? Or using law enforcement and the various federal government institutions such as the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and even the National Archives, to attack political opponents? Joe Biden, Fascist-In-Chief, has done all of this and more.

Who else but a fascist attempts to force all Americans to take a suspect Covid “vaccine” known to have an element of danger associated with it, through Biden regime mandates, OSHA and complicit private sector corporations, and military orders too, other than Joe Biden and his minions in the Democratic Party?

Who else but a fascist uses the FBI to suppress an embarrassing story that also criminally implicates one’s self, other than Good Ol’ Fascist Joe? That’s precisely what America witnessed with the suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer, which has since been proven to be his in fact, rather than any “Russian disinformation” as we were told for months. And this was done as just one more measure to tip the 2020 vote in Joe Biden’s favor.

I’d call it “fascism” when the FBI arrests the people who found Ashley Biden’s abandoned diary simply because they sold it to Project Veritas. It’s the move of a fascist to raid the home of a journalist because he has come into possession of facts that would damage a politician’s career

Biden and his fascistic communist regime have gone so far as to simply refuse to follow the Constitution and U.S. federal law regarding the securing and defending of our sovereign borders and halting Illegal Aliens from entering America’s domain. And they have even flat out broken U.S. law by flying Illegal Aliens all across America, in hopes of eventually handing these Illegals the “right to vote” and expanding their base to hold power for eternity. Already, under Joe Biden, nearly five million Illegal Aliens have been given a free pass to enter America.

There isn’t anything much more fascistic than Biden forcing a New Green Energy policy upon all Americans when it couldn’t pass Congress and most Americans don’t want it, can’t afford it, and know it for the economy-killing scam it is — one that redistributes American wealth to everybody and his brother in the New Amerikkan Communist Party aka the Democratic party and their overseas partners in the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. With one fell swoop of his pen, he essentially set America on a path of ruin by design, despite his continued assurances to the contrary, until part of their “Green Agenda” finally passed Congress, as one step in his regime’s plan to create more impoverished people in the country who will look towards the government for relief and allow the Amerikkan Communists to gain full control of the country.

Biden and his Marxist/ Maoist Communists and economic fascists have placed America’s republican system of government and free-market capitalism under siege and under a withering assault from economic idiots, in a manner never before seen in American history.

And however one views the riot at the Capitol Building on January 6th 2021, the fact remains that very little damage was done to the Capitol Building and most who entered it were simply spectators, more or less. But we constantly have it thrown in our faces as a fascist insurrection, despite the fact that the real fascists of the Democratic Party, found in the ranks of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, were regularly supported by Biden and his apparatchiks and never really ever denounced for months as five-hundred cities were trashed, looted and set on fire by the very people who caused scores of deaths and billions in damages and really don’t respect the rule of law, the Constitution or the Founding and traditional America also witnessed through the destruction of all the monuments to true American heroes.

Let’s not forget that it was Joe Biden’s Vice-President pick, Kamala Harris, and many of his own staff members who set up a fund to provide bail for his violent fascist/ commie supporters who were rioting and creating chaos across America for months in the lead up to the 2020 election, as Fascist Joe stood by in tacit approval because it was his people rioting in order to intimidate traditional America into accepting Joe’s lie that he would be the Great Unifier the times needed and required.

Did anyone else other than me nearly choke when you heard Biden say:

“We do not encourage violence. We are Americans that believe in honesty and decency and respect for others. Liberty and justice for all.”

That’s just incredible to hear spewing forth from the mouth of the biggest liar in all America, who wouldn’t recognize these virtues if they came to life as a little dog named Toto and bit him on the ass.

It’s despicable, reprehensible, disgusting and sickening to now hear Joe Biden say anything about the soul of the nation, when the soul he would wish for us all is black as night and full of misery for all, especially in light of the inappropriate behavior he exhibited with his daughter Ashley, described in her diary, showering with her and more, that paints him as a child predator. And haven’t we already seen dozens of times Biden has inappropriately touched some young lady or sniffed them from behind on numerous news clips?

All the items Biden objected to were those things associated with traditional America, a moral and principled way of life and Christianity, such as conservative Americans’ rejection of abortion and baby murder [infanticide] and same sex marriage and our rejection of his people’s plans to segregate America again in a manner that grants privilege to people and groups based on skin color, sexual preference, economic class and most of all party affiliation, essentially creating a caste system within America.

Biden and the New Amerikkan Communists haven’t any desire whatsoever to adhere to any semblance of the old classical liberalism that saw the old Yellow Dog Democrats of the past defend individual rights. They seek to create their utopia in their own vision and creed that sees justice achieved through groups and the power struggle between said groups, as they move to write a revised history of the land and change our language so drastically as to make it near impossible to oppose them without running afoul of some new “hate speech law”, and all in the name of their twisted, demented idea of what constitutes social justice opposed to any righteous law that protects us all, e.g. the Bill of Rights.

America’s Fascist-In-Chief wants to make certain that his Chekist FBI can detain or arrest a person, or otherwise violate all Americans’ Inalienable God-given Rights, simply for having said or done something that was not a problem the day before. And in Commie Joe’s world, if a good and decent American opposes him and future Commie leaders, he can be deprived of his livelihood and have his reputation ruined, sent to the American-stylized gulags that can’t be too far in the future should the trend towards tyranny proceed unabated.

Far from embracing anger or thriving on chaos, myself and so many other decent conservative Americans simply demand to have our individual liberty left alone by the government, and we demand truth from our elected and appointed officials in all matters, as we go about working and striving to achieve economic prosperity in the best ways possible without any unnecessary government intrusions and interference, such as we currently are experiencing under the Biden regime. But by this same token, as peaceful as I may be with my “live and let live” and “do no harm” attitude, let me be clear as the bells at Notre Dame, when I say that I’m a Free Born American, who won’t bat an eye over killing any number of men and women in any group of people trying to deprive me of my Inalienable God-given Rights, regarding guns, speech and religious conscience, and my overall freedom and liberty for any reason, as part of any attempt to impose tyranny in America.

Recalling that Ol’ Joe, our new Fascist-In-Chief, so disingenuously stated that “We must come together as a nation” in 2020 made the bile rise in my throat, especially after juxtaposing it with the clenched fist, screeching harangue we saw on Thursday night that once again portrayed decent Americans as fascists. And I only know that no true American should want to see America “united” in such a way that gives privilege to the New Amerikkan Communists above everyone else and makes America weaker by “uniting” under communists such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Democratic party.

I’ve never called Joe “president”, because as far as I’m concerned he’s disgraced the office, himself and the nation and he isn’t worthy of being called “dog catcher”, much less “president” of anything. No, he’s not my president, but he does make a pretty good King of Fools. Perhaps one day some will call him Chancellor.

The true enemy of all freedom-loving Americans and our Republic is Joe Biden and the red, radical, Marxist/ Maoist Communist apparatchiks and their anti-American, anti-Liberty agenda that grows Big Government and its power and control over the individuals, their censorship by way of collusion with Big Tech and the political violence that they haven’t the slightest qualms over instigating. For these True Believers of the Marxist ideology, the ends really does justify the means, power really does come from the barrel of a gun in their hands aimed at a disarmed population, and they do not intend to stop until they have completely destroyed this America we love so well.

Rather than become a serf or a second-class citizen in a “united” States of Amerikka that has been “transformed” under a post-constitutional Marxist/ Maoist fascistic Communist regime, I’d just as soon run these red, radical, Democratic Party Communist rat bastards into the seas and the communist/ socialist country of their choice or kill them wherever they are found and stack their dead carcasses all about me in all directions for as far as the eye can see, in order that my children and yours and their children’s children and many generations beyond may live free with the highest degree of individual liberty, even if it means fighting to my own last dying gasp. So help me God.

By Justin O Smith

Hailing from the Great State of Tennessee, Justin O. Smith is a patriotic American and regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative whose work has been published by American Thinker and The Rutherford Reader. He can be found on GETTR, Gab, MeWe, and Clouthub.

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