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If The Red Wave (Hopefully) Comes Through, It Will Be Despite Republicans And Not Because Of Them

The difficulty in predicting the politically hopeful results for “conservative” victories, e.g. the great November red wave prediction, (I hope so, and though I have doubts, I have been told to shush or I’m apt to jinx it) is that the track record accorded “we the people” by the professional politicians et al,  particularly those tricksters of the Republican ilk, has been consistently bad; not in the election, but after the election.

 Nevertheless, I contend a false red wave will be as bad as the present great blue slime and sludge that, for the present, runs the Deep State and its sewage propellants: Biden, Obama, Bill and Hill (the magic couple), and the usual suspects of congressional thugs, Chuckie, Nancy and the AOC gang of three or four—PAY MY DAMN LOANS YOU ASSHOLE TAXPAYERS! 

This second bunch is the blues, those people (I guess) who run the Democrat party, and of course in the greatest of ironies, this party had its birth in the original non-federalist republicans, the Jeffersonian Democrat-Republicans. No, they were not THE party of slavery, segregation, bigotry, etc. any more than any particular political party was. Actually, the Republicans of their origin in the 1850s were the ones who did not want blacks (not simply slaves) in the new territories. And these same Republicans were staunch backers of the repatriation of all blacks to Africa through the American Colonization Society. But that was then and here we are now. Living with the monstrous concept of PRESENTISM will curse any conservative wave, be it red, white, or blue!

Such chattering nonsense about Democrats by many so-called historians like Victor Davis Hanson or Marl Levin who both (among many others of the so-called conservative sway) preach Eric Foner doublespeak and historical nonsense such as The Declaration of Independence was the “founding of our nation.” Then continuing, of course with their add-ons about those racist Southerners at the Constitutional Convention (11 years later) fighting to keep their slaves which of course set up a future “civil war.”

Hanson seems to particularly hate the Southern Republicans as he categorizes them, not infrequently, as having racist roots.

Hanson, of course, worships at the altar (wherefrom his paychecks probably come) of “The Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.” 

I don’t read everything but I don’t recall ever having read any illustrious pronouncements by Hanson of Leland Stanford’s consideration of race.

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“To my mind, it is clear, that the settlement among us of an inferior race is to be discouraged by every legitimate means. Asia, with her numberless millions, sends to our shores the dregs of her population. Large numbers of this class are already here; and, unless we do something early to check their immigration, the question, which of the two tides of immigration, meeting upon the shores of the Pacific, shall be turned back, will be forced upon our consideration, when far more difficult than now of disposal. There can be no doubt but that the presence among us of numbers of degraded and distinct people must exercise a deleterious influence upon the superior race, and to a certain extent, repel desirable immigration.[33]  

Leland Stanford speaking of Chinese people.  

Again, Hanson, Levin, et al worship the god of PRESENTISM. 

These history types are the ahistorical hobgoblins of any red wave, necessarily heavy with Republican conservatives, The Tea Party loyalists, and the rest of Hillary’s Deplorables. But the ahistorical closet dwellers (Hanson et al) hiding from primary source records while emerging to mug for the cameras and essentially preaching that the southern voter–cleansed racists that they are–praise the Lord–should be proud to be part of the Republican party and the grandest of all Republicans, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, of course, was as big a liar (if possible) as Joe Biden is today. In fact, Lincoln was referred to as “Honest” Abe as a joke, intimating his frequent lies. Something of a moral equivalent of today’s “Let’s go Brandon.”

Hanson even compared those contemporary left coasts California malignant characters of Newsome, Pelosi et al to the Nineteenth Century South as being equivalent in governmental control to the 19th century Southerner’s control through an exquisite mastery of oligarchy. That is, in his silly untutored studies (or maybe just that he is stupid) he refers to the Southern Confederacy as defined by slavery, he envisions the California Democrats as oligarchs enslaving Californians. The Southern Confederacy was no more defined by “slavery” than the New England Hartford Convention (an earlier secession movement than the South’s) was. Try and recall (particularly VDH) that it was the New England slave traders who launched every slave ship and returned every slave to the 13 colonies. No slave ship ever sailed from a Southern port.

The Old South shall rise again by Victor Davis Hanson | The New Criterion

But the comparison to California is even more blunted when it should be clear to any semi-literate college professor that the state of California is administered not by a (r)epublican government as the South was but by a contemporary Democrat party establishment cabal of criminals.

That is not PRESENTISM, but simply recognizing the present. The Democrat Party today is no more a political party than the Mafia was a chamber of commerce sponsor.

If these fellows, Hanson et al and their misbegotten history are trying to help any red wave, they must be using Joe Biden speechwriters for advice.

However, backing up to the earlier “chattering nonsense” portion of the subject matter, the original dichotomy of any political parties, was between the Jeffersonians and Hamiltonians, i.e., the battle between a republic and a nation-state (nationalism opposing republican unionism)

Today the “Democrats” are the party of the vile, the intemperate, and borderline degenerate. There is  no longer a “loyal opposition.” The Democrats almost completely are despicable and dishonest people or support those who are.

Why do I possibly doubt the red wave? Because most conservatives (the real ones) know that a red wave and a conservative wave are not necessarily the same thing.  

The labels end up as three portions, not two: conservatives, red, and (the slime) blue. Ignoring the blue for this discussion—the blue is for the most part socialists, sodomites, probably a large helping of communists, and probably worse than all of those three combined, the bureaucrats, the criminal management section. Did I already say, despicable?

Joe Biden’s hostile speech recently, filled with nasty know-nothingness is certainly a thorn in the side of his own voters. But if the so-called conservatives and bloviating comic book historians keep it up with their inaccurate inconsistent blather, then every time Biden fumbles, the so-called red wave will stumble with a personal foul call.

If the South and its working-class Goldwater/Reagan honorable and loyal people hedge (or worse don’t show up) the red wave will lose. And even if it does win it will still be infected by the Cheney-Kinzinger-Romney-McConnell , and the Fox News and contributors faux pas historians, viruses. 

Be careful of those who cry “save our democracy.” They are the same ones who cry, “we are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic.”  If they knew, however, they would know that both are wrong. Democracies are mob rule. “Constitutional republic” is a redundancy. 

I hope it isn’t a puzzle as to why any red wave is an uphill battle. But maybe if it does succeed it will be because enough people have learned a history lesson—a true one. Again, that “Constitutional republic” is redundant. 

And again, and again and again, democrats and their democracies are mob rule. 

But then, even the blind can see some things. Maybe even Victor Davis Hanson can see this. But I doubt it.

Paul Yarbrough is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

Featured image: Mattosaurus, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons