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TRAGEDY: Carnival Ride Collapses In India, Riders Plunge 50 Awful Feet [VIDEO]

A carnival ride in the northern state of India, Mohai, malfunctioned Monday night and sent a ride full of children, young people, and adults crashing back to the staging area. The terrifying drop sent the gigantic ride into near-freefall before impacting the ground. 

Fox News narrates the chaos:

A video of the accident shows the high-rise spinning ride slowly ascending a column. The swing remains at the top for a moment before free-falling about 50 feet. The swing slams into the ground, causing several people to fly out of their seats. Screams are audible as the scene unfolds in front of horrified fair attendees

Good Samaritans helped load the injured riders into police vans as there were no ambulances on the fairgrounds, local outlet NDTV reported. At least 16 people were injured and taken to a civil hospital in Mohali, according to the outlet.

The horrific experience was captured on video [warning: the video catches the ride’s impact on the ground, which may be disturbing to some viewers]:

Adding insult to literal injury, the Fox Story went on to report that bouncers connected with the fair tried preventing passersby from helping and that organizers of the event even fled the scene. This is a terrible story all around. Amazingly, as of this writing there have been no reported deaths. That would seem something of a miracle for a plunge that severe.

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Unfortunately, as much fun is derived from local carnivals, fairs, and the thrill of pushing unnatural limits, these things can and will continue to happen. There is no shortage of more local stories hitting the airways. A ten-year-old boy was decapitated by a waterslide in Kansas. A teenager was decapitated by a roller coaster at a Six Flags theme park when he attempted to retrieve a fallen hat in a restricted area. And just this year a teenage boy was ejected from his 430-foot ride, plunging to his death.

In 2019, another fair event in India led to two deaths and six charges of murder for the operators of that site. The New York Post wrote this at the time:

Horrifying video shows a pendulum-style amusement ride snapping in half and crashing to the ground, killing two and injuring 27 in India.

The video initially appears to show no obvious problems as riders scream with joy as the Discovery ride swings back and forth in Ahmedabad on Sunday.

But the main shaft suddenly snaps — with a circular section holding riders crashing into the frame before plunging to the ground.

That incident led to the eventual charging of six operators for what amounted to murder. A video of that tragedy can be found by following the link.

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Featured image: Screen shot, Twitter