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Virtuous Socialism Unleashed From Behind The Curtain

For the past one hundred years of socialist control of the US, there has not been a decision made by our rulers that benefitted the citizenry. Our socialist government ruins everything it touches.  The results of the tyrannical programs are a total mess and the supposed improvements in society have never been observed. 

Do they care?  No, they care only about who receives the next contract.  Their paymasters only care that the peons’ subjugation is one step closer.  The virtuous socialist acts have rotted the structure of our country placing us on the verge of rule by the WEF.

The following recent examples of corruption and fraud are not the usual slow steps towards the usual ultimate goal.  Something has caused this rapid acceleration the plan.   Until the current president was placed in office by the fraud, efforts were made to disguise the corruption of DC.  Not anymore. 

We have the “swatting” of Congress members. Mitch McConnel publically cutting of campaign donations to a republican club member because he was  beyond the control of the central committee. Facebook admitted it engaged in censorship at the behest of the FBI. The FBI had a desk in the Perkins  Law firm that kept it abreast of the Hillary campaign plan for Russian disinformation.  The Trump Mar Lago raid was made to remind us who is in charge, while intimidating officeholders and new candidates.

The Covid scam is coming unglued with the FDA admitting “mistakes were made.”  They colluded with the teachers’ union to keep schools across the country closed with enthusiastic governmental support. Even Britain has given up on the scam and will pay $140k for covid clot shot victims.

Selective persecution for crime by Pelosi has eliminated any illusion of citizen equality before the law as shown by the 1-6 torture fiasco.  The Ministry of Truth was barely avoided but censorship is alive and well because of FBI blackmail.   Diversity kids are getting a college tuition bailout from the middle class who actually work for a living. The addition of  87,000 IRS agents is designed to squeeze the last drops of blood from us.  There must be a reason for these desperate acts at this time.  Stupidity is the obvious answer but I am afraid it is something else.

  The last criminal fiasco is that we are still operated by the Federal Reserve that was initiated 110 years ago.  They will and have sacrificed everyone else for their financial advancement. How does one idiot, the FED chairman Powell, have the right to determine  our monetary policy therefore our lives?  The system has been a failure since its’ creation.  We have no control of our money through our elected congress. Rule by the banks is not Constitutional and now we face hunger and poverty unknown in this country since 1939.

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The government has reached the point where it must be replaced. It is said that any ordinary citizen breaks several laws every day.  This could leave one at the mercy of the court system in which you have little chance of being exonerated.  We citizens have slept for 100 years and have lost our rights. Are the above examples enough to get you off of the couch? 

The answers are obvious but we are not even approaching the “talk is cheap” phase.

The Madame – Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American and Senior Fellow of the PRAC Foundation offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

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Featured image: Adam Schultz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons