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Joe Biden – The T-800 Destroyer

Joe Biden has been called a lot of different nicknames – signifying his lack of leadership, wisdom, and moral character. He’s been called the Perv in Chief (reference Ashley Biden’s diary). He’s been called an empty suit – the man actually took orders from the Easter Bunny for crying out loud. One of my personal favorites is President Sock-Puppet. It comes close to describing the actual situation. He lacks the intelligence or character to provide any actual leadership, and is merely speaking the words and doing the deeds of some hidden puppet master (who has mansions in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard no doubt).

But I think there’s a better descriptor. He’s a Terminator T-800 destroyer to be specific. Think about it. The T-800 portrayed in the movie Terminator was powerful and relentless, but was still a simple machine, with simple programing, performing a simple task, without reservation or remorse – just like Joe Biden.

Remember the scene in the movie when a man knocks on the T-800’s door and complains about the smell. The terminator scans its heads-up display for a reply

  • Yes
  • No
  • Come back later
  • F*** you A** hole

And picks the last option – because its instinct is to default to the most inflammatory response possible – just like Joe Biden. I can support this theory with some examples.

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, a student asked candidate Biden if his campaign could recover from his poor showing in the primary. He checked his heads-up display for answers.

  • Explain that early primaries rarely indicate the eventual winner – rejected
  • Tell her that he’s depending on her vote to turn things around – rejected
  • Claim that the work he is doing is too important to give up – rejected
  • Call her a “lying dog faced pony soldier” – option selected

While at another campaign appearance a prospective voter questioned the Biden family connections with the Ukrainian government. Joe checked his response options.

  • Ask the citizen what his concerns are – rejected
  • Explain that Hunter got his Ukrainian job because of his integrity and work ethic – oh, hell no
  • Explain that the Ukrainians are under constant threat and it’s imperative that we support them – rejected
  • Tell the man, “You’re a damn liar,” and call him fat – option selected

Informed that 2nd Amendment advocates are concerned about his proposed gun control measures, Joe checks his heads-up display for responses. 

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  • Invite Republicans to the White House to discuss alternatives – rejected
  • Address the nation to explain the pros and cons of the proposed legislation – rejected
  • Invite 2nd Amendment advocacy groups to propose amendments to the legislation – rejected
  • Inform 2nd Amendment supporters that they better have F-15s and nukes if they intend to resist the government – option selected

Upon being informed that inflation is at a 40 year high and that the country has just entered a recession, President T-800 checks his menu options for possible actions.

  • Call congressional leaders from both parties to the White House to discuss measures to stimulate the economy – rejected
  • Announce an austerity budget for the government to fight inflation – rejected
  • Announce he is firing the secretaries of commerce, transportation, and treasury for completely bollixing the supply chain – rejected
  • Spend $1T of taxpayer money to buy the votes of student loan freeloaders, by executive order, with no debate – option selected

Joe is informed that a former president still has documents that the National Archives want, and his staff would like marching orders. He checks his heads-up display for orders.

  • Do nothing. Former Presidents always take some documentation and have secure resources to do so – rejected
  • Keep the DOJ out of it, and have people from the Archives work with the former president’s people to work it out – rejected
  • Get a subpoena for the documents and notify the former president’s lawyer – rejected
  • Pull a search warrant, raid his home, take everything, and defile his wife’s clothing – option selected

Joe is informed by his staff that political opposition to his agenda threatens the party’s success in the midterm election. He checks his heads-up display for possible responses.

  • Let’s take our show on the road and sell our agenda to the voters – rejected
  • Let’s invite the opposition to the White House to understand their grievances – rejected
  • Let’s encourage public debate of our agenda in Congress – rejected
  • I’ll make a public speech and call the opposition semi-fascists – option selected

Faced with destructive political polarization, waning confidence in national institutions, and dysfunctional government organizations, the President needs to show action going into the midterm election season. He checks his options.

  • Contact Donald Trump and suggest that they work together to lower the political temperature – rejected
  • Announce an overhaul of the DOJ, IRS, and FBI to address mounting concerns of corruption – rejected
  • Invite congressional Republicans to the White House and open a dialog into areas of possible collaboration – rejected
  • Make a prime-time speech, wave fists threateningly, scream maniacally that half of the country is a “clear and present danger” to the republic, and post a military guard to signal that resistance is futile – option selected with enthusiasm

None of this should be a surprise. Biden has always been a T-800 destroyer.

He has destroyed people – like the truck driver that was involved in his first wife’s fatal accident. His wife was at fault, but Joe told the world that the trucker was driving drunk. He wasn’t, but his life was destroyed anyway.

He has destroyed political norms. Presidential confirmations were relatively polite until Joe led the destruction campaign against Robert Bork. Borking is now a standard word in our political lexicon. False witnesses and unsubstantiated accusations against presidential appointees have become commonplace.

He has continued the destruction of our institutions. At the time of his inauguration the DOJ had already demonstrated its corruption via the Mid-Year Exam and Crossfire Hurricane. Under Biden it is now targeting parents as terrorists and threatening states if they protect children from sexual grooming. Now he plans to do the same with the IRS and its 87,000 new armed agents.

Joe is a simpleton – a simple man with simple mental programming. Just as a robot would, he operates to two prime directives.

  1. Serve his masters by destroying everything that made America exceptional.
  2. Enrich the Biden family if it can be done without violating directive 1.

That’s why the conflict between Biden and Trump is so epic. One is a builder and one is a destroyer. They operate at opposite ends of the societal benefit axis.

To build requires intelligence and creativity. To destroy only requires determination and power. Trump gave us economic prosperity, middle-east peace progress, energy independence, and two COVID vaccines in under 6 months. Biden has given us broken supply chains, inflation, recession, strengthened terrorists, and an advancing crime wave.

So, what is he? Is Joe Biden a simple robot following the orders of his unseen masters? Or is he just evil?

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, American Free News Network, and The Blue State Conservative.  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

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