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The View Host Makes Shocking Concession, Admits She Was Wrong Calling Donald Trump “Illegitimate”

The insufferable quintet on ABC’s daytime intelligence stultifier is doing some major backwalking on their years’-long assertion that Donald Trump was an “illegitimate president.” Co-host Sunny Hostin conceded that she was wrong about her claim of the 45th President of the United States.

Speaking to her unbearable colleagues, Hostin spoke directly about her shift in perspective.

“The assumption was, at least mine, I’ll speak for myself, that Russia must have been involved because we knew that from the Mueller report that Russia had some involvement, Russia thought that it could have benefitted from a Trump presidency, which it did by the way,” she began.

“But I remember calling him an illegitimate president, and that was wrong. I should not have said that,” she then added. “Because he was not an illegitimate president.”

Imagining their colleague was suffering an aneurysm, both Joy Behar and Whoopi GOldberg pounced on her softing Trump Derangement Syndrome. She couldn;t possibly have meant what she said!

Behar said: “You don’t know he wasn’t talking to Putin.” Meanwhile, Goldberg doubled down on stupidity, adding: “But that is how you felt. You had every right to say that.” If only Whoopi would apply that rationale to anything other than anti-Trump sentiment.

Hostin, to her credit, blazed forward, undeterred by her co-hosts’ incredulity.

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“The Trump campaign did not coordinate with the Russians, and that’s where I think I was wrong,” Houston added.“There was an investigation, and we have to believe that when the FBI and the Department of Justice conducts investigations, we have to believe that. That is another tenet of our democracy,” she said in the face of some panelists’ pushback.

Still, she couched her backtracking with a final dig, making sure that her foray into reality was only short lived.

“However, he remains a twice impeached, disgraced, one-term president. All of that is true,” Hostin concluded, making sure she still had a chance to attack Trump. He wasn’t illegitimate, but he was everything else – and then some. 

On one hand, there could be nothing else to see here. It might be a glimpse of actual brain cells functioning. Or, it could be the continued evolution of Trump’s media coverage – perhaps at the hand of the CIA, Democrat operatives, or some other manipulative organization. They already tried shifting the vaccine narrative, blaming Trump for accelerating its production. Now, they are getting people to admit that the Russian Collusion scandal was just smoke and mirrors. It’s as if they are trying to say one thing so as to avoid deeper conversations.

The admission also comes on the heels of a massive lawsuit filed by President Trump’s legal team against his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. CNBC reported:

Trump’s RICO suit says that Clinton, who was his Democratic opponent in that election, and other defendants as part of the purported scheme falsified evidence, deceived law enforcement authorities and exploited access to ‘highly-sensitive data sources’ in a way that ‘even the events of Watergate pale in comparison.

The lawsuit seeks more than $72 million in damages, an amount that is triple the $24 million in legal fees and other damages that Trump allegedly has accrued as a result of the defendants’ purported conduct.

If he can’t lock her up, hopefully Trump can at least make her pay. As for the view, they’re still awful.