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“Thieving, Raping, Genocidal Empire”: The View Dances On Queen’s Grave, Denounces British Empire As Nothing More Than Being Built By “Black And Brown People”

I want to believe the co-hosts of The View pretend to be imbeciles, because I just don’t want to accept that people are this stupid. Tragically, Einstein correctly observed once that two things were infinite – the universe and human stupidity – all while noting that he was only positively convinced of the latter.

It’s as if The View exists to prove him right over and over.

Just days after shrieking harpy Sunny Hostin conceded that Donald Trump was not an illegitimate president and offering a glimpse of sanity, she immediately dove headfirst into an even larger pile of excrement. This time, she made the outlandish claim that the entire British Empire existed only as a result of profiting off the tired trope of “black and brown people.” Who does she think lived in Europe until about fifty years ago?

Fox News reported on the god-awful take by Hostin and her idiot companions on ABC:

During the Friday episode of ABC’s “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin made sure to remind everyone that though it is sad that Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, she was the leader of a monarchy “built on the backs of black and brown people.” 

Hostin also went so far as to agree with a vile tweet that claimed Elizabeth II was the head of a “thieving, raping, genocidal empire” and advised her successor, King Charles III, to make up for this history by giving “reparations” to all the nations colonized by the British Empire.

A video would be too painful to listen to, but Fox provided a transcript of her comments.

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“I got caught up in the pomp and circumstance of it all as well. I wanted to see the changing of the guards. I wanted to see everything. I wanted to meet the Queen because I think we all love glam and pageantry,” the co-host admitted. Though she added a caveat. “And I think though we can mourn the Queen and not the empire.

Because if you really think about what the monarchy, um, was built on, it was built on the backs of black and brown people.

She wore a crown with pillaged stones from India and Africa, and now what you are seeing, at least in the black communities that I’m a part of, they want reparations.”

From there, she urged England’s new monarch, King Charles III, to “modernize” the monarchy, which means she wants all of the new immigrants living in England to get paid for having pigmented skin and then to extend payments to all former colonies. In that case, there are 330 million former colonists waiting for their check too. Sign me up for that royal cheddar.

Astoundingly, this was only the beginning of a trackless train derailing at every possible moment. Far-left lunatic co-host Ana Navarro chimed in by adding onto Hostin’s ignorant wailing, making note that America was also founded on the backs of black and brown bodies. To that, Hostin immediately replied “and we want our reparations.”

Just me, me, me and take, take, take from these people.

The aforementioned Navarro took it even a step further, denouncing the Catholic Church. She said:

“The Catholic Church was built on the backs of people who — black and brown people who were forced to convert to Catholicism…one of the things that Charles [III] can do to get some popularity, is maybe take some time away from speaking to his plants and speak to this issue.”

Featured image: Shutterstock, Wikimedia Commons (Joel Rouse/ Ministry of Defence, OGL 3 <>, via Wikimedia Commons).